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drone videos

  1. dabrusci

    Golden Hour in Miami!

    Hi Guys, Here's my latest video: I hope you all enjoy it! I'm always open to keep learning and constructive critics :) Thanks guys!!
  2. G

    Background music

    What software, websites do you use for the background music for your drone videos?
  3. UAV_C_A

    Fox Lake Illinois GLOOMY DAY AERIAL video

    This was a very gloomy day, but if you are familiar with Northern Illinois then this will be interesting
  4. BlazeAir

    Minnesota Lake Life

    Thanks to the beautiful weather we had in the Brainerd Lakes Area over this 4th of July weekend, we were able to get some great lake footage. All of the aerial footage in this video is filmed on Gull Lake in Minnesota. We also stopped by the always fun Zorbaz Restaurant! Lake Life is wonderful...
  5. BlazeAir

    A Small Town 4th of July - From the Sky

    Drone footage of the 4th of July festivities in Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. Aerial footage filmed with my DJI Mavic Pro. Also, you can click here to see the video (and others) on my AirVūz account: The 4th - Pequot Style Thanks, and suggestions always welcome!
  6. BlazeAir

    An Easter Day Flight in Hudson, Wisconsin

    Flew around the Mavic on a gorgeous Easter morning in Hudson, Wisconsin and over the St. Croix River. Or to see it on the site, here is the link: Easter Day in Hudson As always, COMMENTS!! Thanks!
  7. BlazeAir

    Flying around an ol' Brewery

    It was such a nice Minnesota day I had to take the Mavic out. I have been on this kick of finding cool old landmarks, so in this vid I went to the old Schmidt Brewery building in St. Paul. Sadly it hasn't been brewing beer in years, but the place still looks sweet! Also, it was finally a day of...
  8. BlazeAir

    Mavic Flies in 35 mph Duluth Wind Gusts

    Went to Duluth, MN last weekend and brought the Mavic. I planned on just droning some of the cool landmarks of the city. But when I got up there I saw how cool the ice looked on Lake Superior and my plans changed. Also, it was super windy, as you'll notice at times in the vid, but it was such a...
  9. BlazeAir

    Mavic Flight Over Frozen "Pirates Cove" Mini Golf

    It was actually decent weather the other day up here in Minnesota (40 degrees on a February day) so I went out searching for a cool palce to fly my Mavic. What did I find?? Pirates Cove Adventure Golf!!! I love going to this place in the summer, so I thought "why not fly over it in the winter?"...
  10. BlazeAir

    Droning Show Visits San Diego

    Came across this on another site I am always uploading my drone footage on. This "Droning America" show seems to have a very cool concept. In this particular episode the host travels to San Diego and interviews a drone pilot from there. When you have some time check it out and let me know what...
  11. BlazeAir

    Hello from Minneapolis

    Hi, I finally received my Mavic and the mail and couldn't be more thrilled! It is everything as advertised, AND MORE! I have been so impressed with this drone and all of its features! Here is my maiden flight over Gold Medal Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota: Mavic Meets Gold Medal Park Also, I...