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  1. TnDronePilot

    Is the Air 2 supported by Drone Deploy?

    Hi All. So I got an email from one of those drones-for-hire sites as I was asking about what drones can be used for their services. Here is part of his response: "The main drone to make sure you have is something that is compatible with Drone Deploy that has a 20MP camera. I hope that your...
  2. M

    Dronedeploy general questions

    Hi guys how are you 1 How can I export and save my Maps and I can use it then any software ? 2 If my membership finished does my maps will delete it and I can’t see them anymore ? If it yes in this situation what should I do ? 3 I will take Business membership is that true I have three...
  3. M

    I want help about DroneDeploy app

    Gays How can I share my Maps from DroneDeploy And how can I use it
  4. Hivemapper

    Mapping contest - Use your DJI drone to win up to $3000

    I thought you all might be interested in this contest my company is putting on: We’re looking for DJI pilots to try building a 3D map at All you need to do is fly around any area you want to map and upload your video. It can be anything from a quick orbit around your house to...
  5. Aerial-Pixel

    Mapping With The Mavic 2 Pro and the DJI Smart Controller?

    OK Guys, I think we are running into some of the same issues on the Smart Controller as we had with the CrystalSky. Has anyone found any viable mapping apps for the Smart Controller? With some initial tests I did verify that DroneDeploy doesn't work, even if the Android Version supported the M2P...
  6. MMCompton

    Does anyone use DroneDeploy?

    I'm learning about DroneDeploy, and am curious as to how existing users like it. E.g., is the automated flight control reliable and flexible? Is the image handling and cloud interface dependable? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  7. Y

    Problems Switching between DJI GO and DroneDeploy apps on Android

    Hi guys, has anyone else been having trouble switching between control apps? If I use one app, the default plug-and-play connection becomes set to that app. eg, if I use DJI GO, if I then want to use DroneDeploy on the next flight, I find I need to flush the phone's cache and manually reset...
  8. W

    Camera not working with DroneDeploy.

    Here is a strange problem for anyone who might be able to help. I downloaded the DD app. Started the Mavic, started the DJI app, checked for any issues, after no issues I closed the DJI app. Started the DD app and all went well but the Camera box stayed unchecked. Went back to my DJI app and now...