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  1. MarcObarlow

    Eclipse from LBL in Far western Kentucky

    This is my first video project with the Mavic. Totality was an amazing experience with family and good friends. I used GoPro Studio but I'm looking forward to trying other video processing software in the near future. Be kind, link here:
  2. Ian in London

    Flying through totality and seeing the shadow race across the plains

    Hi guys Well, it all went off like clockwork. No traffic. Viewing spot on exact centre of totality. Clear blue skies and not too many people. I managed to get the Mavic up in the air 5 minutes before totality and left it flying throughout, capturing the moon's shadow racing across the Wyoming...
  3. TrayBoz

    Photos of the Mavic with the ECLIPSE

    Who's going to try to get some cool photos of the mavic flying with the solar eclipse in the background today? Sounds like a good photo op, if you can do it without looking directly at the eclipse, of course.