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  1. thefrisbee995

    How Should I Export Mavic Video From Final Cut?

    So I have been exporting as an x264 in Final Cut Pro... I see some people using prores... But what's the point in making a massive file using anything other than x264... Surely no quality is lost if the mavic's footage is in x264 anyway? I'm sure it's irrelevant but it's in 4k 24fps and...
  2. MikeC

    Using Jump Cuts in Editing

    Been trying more jump cuts set to music lately.
  3. G

    Video Editing Software

    What do you guys use? This is more of a discussion, not really a "recommend one for me" type of question. I'm about to grab Adobe Premiere Elements 15. I've only used Garmin's Virb Edit software to this point (I recently got a Virb Ultra 30), and it's functions are extremely limited. Need...