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  1. SkyeHigh

    DaVinci Resolve for iPad

    Blackmagic Design has released DaVinci Resolve 18 for iPad. Although tailored towards the M1 & M2 powered machines it is supported on older iPads too. It is downloadable on the Apple App Store but for some reason doesn’t show if you search. However, it will show on the following link provided...
  2. Henchula

    Mini 3 A few From Today and the past weeks.

    I've never posted here my videos nor my photos, so if I do anything wrong, let me know. This one, are some footage from "practice" I want to delete so I made this for YouTube so at least I'll have them there - As well as a few photos from the past week - Have a great weekend everybody.
  3. O

    How do you stitch photos from a panorama together on Mavic Pro 2?

    I have had a DJI Mavic 2 Pro for a few years now. I recently took a really awesome pano photo with it. It saved to the memory card in the drone. I went to access it off the memory card and it shows PANORAMA as a file and I click on it and it contains 27 individual photos. Clearly the photos it...
  4. AltroFuturo

    Mini 2 italian dreams

    Italian dreams and nothing else! Venice - Verona Filmed on DJI Mini 2 & Pocket 2
  5. AltroFuturo

    Mini 2 Epic Italy

    Short epic edit of my trip to Italy Riva del Garda - Peschiera del Garda - Mantova - Brescia - Tirolo - San Marino Filmed on DJI Mini 2 & DJI Pocket 2
  6. P

    DJI FPV Video shows Choppy in Post Edit in Adobe Premiere

    Have a DJI FPV Drone, I just popped the SD card into my computer and watching the raw footage it is buttery smooth no issues. When I import to PP that's when I get choppy frames/freezing for seconds. If I add audio the audio will continue while the video stays frozen generally. Checked the frame...
  7. JoostGT3

    The Joy of Flight...

    I know I'm not an amazing freestyle whatever yolo kind of pilot, but the DJI FPV has given me something that I had already when flying the Mavics, but got lost a bit in the desire to produce really nice photos and videos... the Joy of Flight! I'm slowly getting used to flying the basic...
  8. R

    How do you download your recorded footage?

    I'm wondering whats the most efficient way of transferring a recorded footage from the mini to the dj fly app for editing I've been downloading the footage directly from the mini to my phone, so i could then edit the clip using the DJI FLY app, but for anyone who does this, you would know it...
  9. FlyingAndCarp

    I spent weeks learning how to edit a good hyperlapse, figured I'd make a tutorial video for everyone else

    Hyperlapses are so cool but really are a huge pain in the rear to make. Hope this helps somebody! Edit: Oh if the quality still hasn't updated (should go to 4k eventually) just keep refreshing.. YouTube is taking it's sweet time.
  10. B

    Takeoff - 31 minute film of mountain, ocean, and urban landscapes!

    Hello Mavic Pilots! I wanted to share my 31 minute film Takeoff. The video is a collection of drone adventures and travels. Please watch and let me know your thoughts!
  11. B

    Pixelated Video Only at Certain Sizes? O.o

    Hi Mavic Community, This one is throwing me for a loop as I've used my Mavic countless times but today after I filmed some lobster fishing I noticed that the entire video looks out of focus or pixelated. Once I scaled the window down the video was running perfectly clear and looked great. Is...
  12. Drone UK

    How i edit my Drone Footage PART 1

    This is how i edit my Drone Footage. Check out Part 1 of my new Tutorial Playlist
  13. A

    Check my work

    Hey everyone. im new to using a mavic air (upgraded from phantom 3) and would really appreciate it if you could check my video out and give some constuctive critism. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance :)
  14. R

    Drone Only Instagram profile

    Hi all together, I just wanted to share my Drone only Instagram channel and would love to see some of yours if you have any! :) REDBERG (@redberg.stephen) • Instagram photos and videos Also I got a question to NeatVideo does anyone know where to get it cheaper? I am a student so 100 € is quite...
  15. SpikeSky


    Gday to all my fello Dronies from all around the World. I just purchased a new app (LumaFusion) for editing experimental footage I have collected on various flying expeditions. Link to their website: and Luma Touch LLC Apps on the App Store , and all the...
  16. derekcreates

    Tahoe weekend

    As my MA flying evolves, so is my video editing. Here is my first crack with multiple clips from the MA, GoPro Session and iPhone. And now with music! Take a look and feedback is always welcome! Enjoy.
  17. J

    iphone 8 video editing

    Hi, just got an iphone8+ and want to use it to fly my Mavic with (connected to controller of course) and then edit video's on the phone itself, then publish. anybody else doing the same on iphone? if so, how's the results? am i stuck with imovie here? sorry if there is another forum for...
  18. Teight

    Hello from Amarillo

    Wanted to stop by and say Hello! I've had a little over a month now with the Mavic and have loved every minute of it. Just two batteries for now and some Neewer nd filters that have been working well for me. I love the size and portability of the Mavic. This past month I've been riding my...
  19. Chalmers90

    Simonside Hills Scenery.... My first post.

    So, this is my first post on Mavic Pilots, even after owning a DJI Mavic Pro for well over a year! I'm going to attach a video of a recent visit to Simonside Hills (Northumberland, England) with my friend, Stuart. We decided after scaling to where we wanted to be, to get the drone out and...
  20. Mpunktkarlsson

    Just having fun editing!

    Hey! I have been using gopros just for fun for a while, but when i bought my mavic i also started to try out some editing. This is my latest video from a fishing contest arrenged by me and my two friends. Check it out, hope you like it! :)