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  1. M

    Orange ´flame´ inside my Mavic Pro... Help..

    Hello.. So recently i started up my drone to update it. i started hearing this clicking noise. i then looked inside the drone and saw a orange light. it almost looks like a wire glowing from heat or something? i did some research, and i came to the conclusion that the clicking noise is normal...
  2. MoFoHo

    Tell me about UK electricity pylons.

    Hello everyone. I'm a new Mavic Pro owner in the UK. I've had it a few days, and it IS taking me a while to get to grips with its complexity I'll admit. I've had experience with Quad copters before. I had one of the 1st gen Blade 350QXs, (which I also rigged up for FPV) and I've built my own...
  3. C

    can i fly with large electricity cables

    hello everyone there are large electricity cables 150 meters near my house can i fly over it or under it ? im not living so near