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epson moverio bt-300

  1. halifax

    SOLD. Interface Box for Moverio BT-35E, belt clips, cables, as new, $240 shipped

    Hi and thanks for checking out my ad. Here is the Interface Box for the Epson Moverio BT-35E in as-new condition. Tested and works great. The interface box still has the factory plastic film on it. Add this to your BT-300 kit and you've added FPV to more recent DJI aircraft and the Smart...
  2. C

    ** SOLD** For Sale Epson Moverio BT-300 Drone edition $600 +Shipping

    Barely and lovingly used BT-300s. Bought on Oct 7, 2017 from amazon. Can provide proof of purchase. I love them but find I am using my iPad Pro almost exclusively. Perfect working order. Cosmetically excellent. No Manual. They are especially useful for framing shots while looking directly at...
  3. C

    ios screen sharing with BT-300

    Has anyone tried/achieved anything close to real time streaming between an iPhone and the Epson Glasses? Here's what I've tried: Using the 360 app on the Epson BT-300 with my WiFi router in the house and ios screenshare. 2-5 second lag going from camera facing down to camera facing up. Using...
  4. John Gowland

    Is it easy to replace the Upper Mount Vibration Dampener Board?

    Is it easy to replace the Upper Mount Vibration Dampener Board? Upper Mount Vibration Dampener Board (Aircraft Aluminium) Must admit I do not feel qualified to do it but will have a go if I have too. US $13.71 Approximately AU $17.91 No Tax Dji Mavic Pro Gimbal Upper Mount Vibration Dampener...