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  1. M

    Wanted: ESC for Holystone 175D brushless motor

    Wanted: ESC for Holystone 175D brushless motor. Located in FL panhandle. Does anybody here know where i could purchase one to repair my drone? Many Thanks! Maverick
  2. Dmascot

    Dreaded esc error and crash

    I was flying my Air 2 in my yard when I started getting the esc error and the drone crashed. Luckily it landed ten feet from the lake. I included a log file.
  3. J

    Mavic Air 2 ESC Error

    Long story short, I had an Air 2s that had a motor failure over a very deep lake. Not retrievable. Since I still had my remote, extra batteries and charger, I decided to seek out a cheap air 2 or 2s body so at least my accessories wouldn't go to waste. Being somewhat experienced with...
  4. M

    (ASK) How to identify ADS-B and non ADS-B on DJI Mavic Air 2?

    Can anyone tell me how to identify my Mavic Air 2 ads-b or non ads-b version? i recently tear my drone appart. and currently looking the ESC part on the market. found some, but there is 2 option, the ADS-B and the Non ADS-B. im a little confussed on how to identify which is mine. thanks in advance
  5. D

    Mavic air esc smd

    Hello, there is not a single electrolytic capacitor on the board of my mavic air. Perhaps someone knows what it can be replaced or where to find the original, perhaps someone has the characteristics or circuit board. On the board there should be 4 such components, on the other two it is written...
  6. F

    FPC 34 pin to repair mavic 2 pro core board

    Hi, I had an crash, I described it in another post few months ago, the main problem was it broke component called fpc connector. Or flat ribbon cable connector at main/core board of mavic 2 pro. I found one guy that can do the job to fix it. But we need that component. Could someone help find...
  7. D

    Power System Hardware Error - 30210 - With LOG FILE!

    Hey everyone! I'm Dillon, new drone pilot and new here. I did some browsing and found some good info, so I decided to make an account and post my issue here. As the title states... List of events... Test flight - good. Landing - battery was low and drone decided to fly home to land, as it got...
  8. M

    Drone shaking / got a ESC alert msg

    So i went flying today, drone took off and started shaking and afterward i got a ESC alert, restarted the drone and the msg was gone, but the same thing happened drone was still shaking a lot
  9. M

    Electrical Fault in the Drone Motor System - Any Experience?

    Hey Guys, I am doing some market research for my university on the subject of drones and faults. I was wondering if anyone could answer the following questions: 1. Have you experienced a fault in a drone motor or ESC? 2. Did you diagnose the fault? What was the nature of it? 3. Would a...
  10. 1

    ESC board problem but is it?

    Fixed by replacing the ESC Board
  11. Z

    ESC Error On New Motor [SOLVED]

    Greetings! Looking for some advice with my delima. I will start with the generic help format: Problem? Left rear motor won't start - ESC error. Was unit in a crash? Yes, but was operable after. What have you tried so far?: Replaced motor. What device are you using? Galaxy S6 What firmware...
  12. M

    ESC motor 2

    Hi guys. Hope your all well. Having some trouble with my Mavic pro and need some advice if anyone can help. I’m getting ESC motor 2 can’t take off. Motors won’t spin. On startup they twitch then the back LED goes red solid. Does anyone know which motor is motor 2 Have tried firmware...
  13. Partizans

    Jailbreaking DJI Mavic Pro Platinum (MPP)

    Has anyone with the new DJI Mavic Pro Platinum (MPP) tried jailbreaking it to remove the limitations? If so, what happens to the ESC parameters that are the essence of the Platinum (e.g. Quiet flight, extended flight time)?