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Jun 10, 2019
Hi, I had an crash, I described it in another post few months ago, the main problem was it broke component called fpc connector. Or flat ribbon cable connector at main/core board of mavic 2 pro. I found one guy that can do the job to fix it. But we need that component. Could someone help find? If find it, I Wil be able to recovery my drone.

I think is 34 pins fpc conector at core board.

See picturea of damaged connector and no damaged connector above.

I live in country (brazil) that has no official dji care service. So that's not option, anyway cost would no be viable, I have to do by my own. It's the only option. All I need is to find this component.

Actually i think 2 possible solutions to get this component (fpc connector).
1 - buy damaged core board and extract this component to install in my own core board (hard to find cheap core board)
2 (not confirmed yet) - extract it from flat cable that connect core board to ESC, looking pictures, each side of cable looks have fpc connector, one side female and another male connector.. If confirmed is same component that have in core board, i could buy 2 cables. And those cables are easy to buy and cheap (USD 7.00 each)..

Another option would find fpc connector componet alone, in some website, i not know specification, so i not found..

See pictures od damaged connector, good one and this cable that i think (not know for sure) i could get this component

s-l1600.jpgs-l1600 (1).jpgs-l1600 (2).jpg
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