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  1. J

    Mavic mini crash (Gimbal non movement)

    I had my first crash with my new mavic mini which was absolutely deverstating. The camera still works and records and also moves around upon turning the mini on but doesn’t move around in flight. The camera also makes a buzzing noise, shakes and also is tilted to the side while in operation...
  2. M

    MA2 Rear B arm broken, planning to glue it out

    Well, For some reason the drone didn't stop while I was accidentally flying it towards my house wall Usually it stops if an obstacle is sensored but this time it didn't so I "kissed" the wall and fell into my flower pot, and I found it with the tip ripped off. See the pic. I am planning to...
  3. Quick1

    Mavic Air flew off, accelerated and smashed in to a wall at nearly 40mph!

    I have had my Mavic Air since it first came out and have used it many times with very few issues until yesterday. I have not used it for 3 months and charged the battery up fully. Went to my local beach to fly it where there is a lot of wide open space. I placed it down on a big flat concrete...
  4. Alloyd76

    Mavic Air 2 gimbal camera flipped backward and stuck!

    So what happened was...I don’t really know, but my friend who borrowed my new Mavic Air 2 started it up in the house and apparently it went forward really fast and he ran the drone straight into the wall. (I know, I should have trusted my gut and not loaned it to him while I was out of town!)...
  5. P

    Broken Mavic Pro Screw Hole Fixable??

    I crashed my mavic and broke the plastic that holds the screw for the left rear arm. I wanted to know any ideas on how to fix this WITHOUT replacing the middle frame completely. Any ideas on how to do this? New to this, thank you!
  6. S

    Repair part gimbal rubber holder ??

    Hi i just crashed my mavic mini and one of my 4 gimbal rubber holder is missing anyone knows where i could buy this part ?
  7. B

    fly without fear

    Fly through forests without fear ... but keep a roll of Scotch tape in your kit. Banjo-Jim Lowell, Michigan
  8. D

    Takeoff error check propellers and motors.

    Any suggestions I checked out the turn on then off front left not as strong as rest. No binding?
  9. L

    Dji Mavic 2 Zoom Gimbal Broken

    Hi All! New to the group and unfortunately I come bearing bad news. I was pushing my luck with my dji zoom and now I have a warning saying “gimball motor load to large” and “gimball obstructed”. The gimball almost rotates a full 360 but then stops on its final stages before being centre again...
  10. S

    Front facing sensors error and weird camera image

    After I crashed my Mavic Pro Platinum a month ago and nothing except for the plastic parts broke, I ordered the parts and replaced the mainframe and top frame, as well as both rear arms myself. Everything worked as expected, although the gimbal didn't move at all. I replaced the ribbon, which...
  11. R

    DIY Repair issue - Mavic 2 Pro

    I had a crash which snapped the right front arm. I've made successful repairs to the drone in the past. So i thought I'd order the part, study some videos and attempt the repair myself. The drone is out of warranty. Everything about the repair went well, I followed what I felt were good...
  12. Y

    Gimbal Rebuild: Would you rather...

    I have inherited a Mavic Pro from a friend who bought a new mavic after his got stepped on. Everything works except the gimbal. (Including the camera). I have replaced the ribbon cable to no avail. If you were in my position would you rather buy the gimbal with camera and no vibration plate...
  13. T

    How I epoxied my Mini back together.

    So, it turns out that the Mini isn't as crash-resistant as my Tello had been. Due 100% to user error, I cracked the left front arm pretty good on the fourth day I had my Mini. I'm not complaining; I absolutely could have been more careful, and will be going forward. I had bought DJI Care...
  14. A

    Gimbal Repair - NOOB WARNING

    Gents, My drone finally crashed at the hands of my friend (doh!) Did a little bit of research and i think if i buy the 2 below items i might be able to repair it. Attached/below are pictures of what broke and what i plan to buy and fix it with. I think i need a new camera arm/body to fix...
  15. A

    [SOLD]: Flying Mavic Air for Repair or Parts

    Good project for someone who knows what they're doing with these things, but I have neither the time nor motivation to dig into trying to fix it. The good: Drone flies well. I attached the maximum 10 pictures here and have a Google drive folder I will share with anyone interested that includes...
  16. C

    Replacing the gimbal cable (not the gimbal camera unit ribbon)

    Hi all! I’m currently fixing up a Mavic 2 Pro and both the Gimbal Camera Unit ribbon and the Gimbal cable were torn. I’ve managed to replace the main Gimbal Camera Unit ribbon successfully but I am struggling to get to the Gimbal cable. I found it was the Gimbal cable when I took the unit...
  17. F


    Crashed my Mavic Pro last night. Any service recommendations?
  18. Lonniex

    DJI Repair switched my controller!

    My drone crashed for no particular reason, I sent it in to DJI repair along with controller. The Mavic Pro and controller are only 6 months old. DJI did replace drone but sent me old scratched up controller with faded buttons in return for my pristine controller. To my amazement the S/N was...
  19. D

    DJI inspection in China - feedback on internet looks scary

    Hi everyone. The gimbal on my MA is sticky on the roll - it gets a bit stuck off axis, not good for the shots i want. There is no care refresh package available in my region, the authorised repair center has sent the drone logs in, and DJI has advised that they want the drone sent to them for...
  20. G

    DJI Refresh .. very impressed.

    Well I’m very impressed with DJI Refresh and their after sales service. After purchasing a Red Mavic Air Fly More back in March I thought ok I’ll buy Refresh with it... guess what? I had to use it. Unfortunately my controller got wet and two of my 3 batteries (the third one I will be keeping an...