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  1. C

    Replacing the gimbal cable (not the gimbal camera unit ribbon)

    Hi all! I’m currently fixing up a Mavic 2 Pro and both the Gimbal Camera Unit ribbon and the Gimbal cable were torn. I’ve managed to replace the main Gimbal Camera Unit ribbon successfully but I am struggling to get to the Gimbal cable. I found it was the Gimbal cable when I took the unit...
  2. F


    Crashed my Mavic Pro last night. Any service recommendations?
  3. Lonniex

    DJI Repair switched my controller!

    My drone crashed for no particular reason, I sent it in to DJI repair along with controller. The Mavic Pro and controller are only 6 months old. DJI did replace drone but sent me old scratched up controller with faded buttons in return for my pristine controller. To my amazement the S/N was...
  4. D

    DJI inspection in China - feedback on internet looks scary

    Hi everyone. The gimbal on my MA is sticky on the roll - it gets a bit stuck off axis, not good for the shots i want. There is no care refresh package available in my region, the authorised repair center has sent the drone logs in, and DJI has advised that they want the drone sent to them for...
  5. G

    DJI Refresh .. very impressed.

    Well I’m very impressed with DJI Refresh and their after sales service. After purchasing a Red Mavic Air Fly More back in March I thought ok I’ll buy Refresh with it... guess what? I had to use it. Unfortunately my controller got wet and two of my 3 batteries (the third one I will be keeping an...
  6. S

    Frustrated user, camera/pcb board problems? - Mavic Pro

    hey, I'm going to make my first post as thorough as possible to avoid and confusion. Left my Mavic Pro on my car, drove it a few miles, went up a hill and saw something fall off the roof. went to go pick up my drone. some scuffs on the body, gimbal cover and lock both fell out, and gimbal got...
  7. M

    Front vision sensor repair

    Hey guys!! Just crashed my drone and broke the glimbal mount and flex ribbon. In the same time of repairing it, i broke the flex ribbon cable of the right vision sensor. Now i just received the new one but after having disassembled the front vision mount i'm not sure of what to do. It's seem...
  8. P

    My stupid *** flew into a tree. Broken rear left arm. Need advice :)

    Problem? Broken rear left arm. See link to pictures down belowe. Was unit in a crash? Most definitly. What have you tried so far? Not much, didn't want to try to much before I listened in on with some of the pros. What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)? iPhone. What...
  9. F

    Mavic Air: Front leg crash damage

    First time poster. Recently crashed my Mavic Air and have some damage that looks repairable. Problem? Front right leg is intact but the plastic component that holds it to the arm is cracked. The leg no longer snaps into place when extended and wobbles. I am also unsure of the tool to remove...
  10. Cheech Wizard

    Did you buy a Mavic Pro from Dell with a protection plan?

    I have a credit line with Dell and when they advertised the Mavic Pro I figured it was a good time to get one without putting out a ton of money. I added the 2 year protection plan (1st time EVER). My first drone wouldn"t activate, so I called Dell and they overnighted me a new one. That...
  11. E

    Mavic Repair and Drone Help in General...

    I crashed my Mavic recently. Asked this forum for recommendations for a repair service. Overwhelmingly folks recommended Thunderdrones. Rob at Thunderdrones fixed me up in no time! Excellent service, excellent turn-around, excellent price! If you're in need of repair assistance as I was, I...
  12. E

    Mavic Pro Repair Shop recommendations?

    Crashed my Mavic yesterday for the first time. Pilot error. I'll need to send it out for repair. Does anyone have first hand experience with a repair shop they'd recommend? Any help is appreciated!
  13. J

    Is this the real life? Is it just fantasy?

    Newer Mavic Pro owner here. About two-ish weeks ago I was taking off with my drone for my second flight ever when it suddenly began spinning uncontrollably and crashed. Heart dropped, blood pressure went up, and then I saw it. The rear left wing was broken. I had literally flown this **** thing...
  14. D

    Repar Help - Mavic Pro - Gimbal Circuit Board

    Can someone tell me if the circled part in the picture is supposed to be empty? It looks like a ribbon should go in but I cant a ribbon, I took it apart weeks ago and dont remember if there was something or not.
  15. A

    CAS-1417383-P3Y2J8 -- help please!--

    Hi all, about 5 days ago i sent my DJI Mavic Pro back to the Burwood VICTORIA branch of the Australian DJI Technology Ltd via post, and i havent heard anything via email or even a notification to let me know that it has reached its destination or what is going on with my drone.....it's going in...
  16. K

    Gimbal was broken now it's not? Fixed itself?

    A couple weeks ago my gimbal was acting up. It wouldn't calibrate correctly and was giving me odd noises. No physical damage no crashes. It pretty much had a mind of its own and was moving in different directions amd was unusable. Well I was about to send it in to repair so I powered it on one...
  17. Y

    Mavic Pro - Spares/Repair - UK - London - SOLD

    IMG_1715 by Youser posted Nov 29, 2017 at 2:40 AMIMG_1716 by Youser posted Nov 29, 2017 at 2:40 AMIMG_1726 by Youser posted Nov 29, 2017 at 2:40 AMIMG_1727 by Youser posted Nov 29, 2017 at 2:40 AMIMG_1732 by Youser posted Nov 29, 2017 at 2:40 AMIMG_1719 by Youser posted Nov 29, 2017 at 2:42...
  18. M

    Service center or service in general in Switzerland

    Hi , i had a small issue with my mavic and had to send it to DJI Netherlands. Long story short , i paid shipping costs and customs but dji would not provide the import licence. The drone is coming back to me at the moment. I wanted to ask if someone knows a service center or service shops in...
  19. R

    Dji Mavic pro screw set wanted

    Hi I am looking for dji mavic pro screw full set, where can i purchase? does anyone has any? Thanks
  20. dlopezjurado

    Camera Broken piece...could it be repaired by me? is it necessary? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

    Hi all! Last day I was flying with my Mavic, perfect as always, no problem and nothing went wrong, but when I arrived home, I saw a piece was broken. Sorry about my English, but I don´t know how to say correctly many things I´m attaching some pictures to make it easier to understand.... It is...