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  1. J

    I crashed my mavic 2 pro... camera faces down.

    Everything else on the mavic works fine. The camera stays facing down when off though. I can move it in any direction manually but will center itself facing down. When I turn it on it positions itself normally and works normal. Only when I fly and move it around the camera drifts and faces down...
  2. X

    In desperate need of help

    i’m in desperate need of help so i went to Kauai Hawaii last week to record a bunch of footage with my camera, osmo action and mavic 2 pro, and today i decided to take a look at all my drone footage that i got (which was a lot) but when i plugged in my micro sd card to my pc it said i had to...
  3. Pozofolio

    A possible fix for " RC not connecting to phone " ( Elephone S8)

    After getting a new smartphone ( The Elephone S8 ) and installing the DJI Go4 app. The Phone didnt connect to the drone ( dji mavic pro ). After looking for a couple of days for a solution we didnt find any online. So I messed a little bit with my phone its settings. And found the solution. The...
  4. E

    Mavic Repair and Drone Help in General...

    I crashed my Mavic recently. Asked this forum for recommendations for a repair service. Overwhelmingly folks recommended Thunderdrones. Rob at Thunderdrones fixed me up in no time! Excellent service, excellent turn-around, excellent price! If you're in need of repair assistance as I was, I...
  5. I

    Stopping DJI Go 4 App crashing..simple fix

    Stopping DJI Go4 app crashing #mail. Been really annoying for a few days, DJI assist says all up-to date, but the app kept saying that firmware update was required.
  6. S

    Suggestions for Moverio engineers? Magnetic port for attaching wire. No hardwired tether, fail point

    Okay so i've been a fan of head mounted displays for about 15 years now. One thing ive noticed with similar goggles is the tethering wire. I've had a few models of Vuzix goggles, Headplay, some brands that dont exist anymore. Their main crutch or fail point was their main tethering wire. I would...
  7. S

    Malicious bot? Mystery flyaway diagnosis.

    So i've had my Mavic since around July/August 2017. Not long right? It's been through a TON of firmware upgrades and in fact out of the box needed an upgrade and kept giving warnings that it had "Inconsistent firmware" even after multiple passes. It crashed in an unstoppable flyaway, breaking...
  8. A

    Left and right Gimbals movement with left/right rudder control

    While i was doing a video test on another issue with sharpness i had the mavic setting on my porch and i hit the rudder control and noticed that my screen moved? So i tried it left and right with it setting flat on concrete and the gimbal and camera moved with the rudder input on the left...
  9. Aronda

    Crashed mavic, silver cable Camera video data substitution

    Hi, ha had a crash with my Mavic, and the camera and gimbal were ripped of the drone. I want to repair that by myself because i see that the gimbal cable was sold as spareparts but i don´t see anywhere the silver multicable video data. I hope i could buy it in the near future. but... Anyone who...