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  1. M

    Beautiful Tallinn

    Video from our 2-day trip to this marvelous town.
  2. kaleodalcin

    Drone Laws in Estonia (Tallinn Specifically)

    Hi, pilots, I'm wondering whether there's anyone here from Tallinn - Estonia, that could help me figure out what are the Drone regulations and restrictions there. I'm spending a week or so right after new years eve there and I'm planning ahead of time to bring my Mavic Pro along. I'm departing...
  3. U

    Video: Litchi mission over Tallinn Old Town

    Here's a video of full Litchi mission over Tallinn Old Town (in Europe, capital of Estonia). Let me know what you think. BTW, there's no music - choose your own. :)
  4. madispuk

    Snowy bog in Estonia.

    Hi, I made a short clip of a hike. We walked 46km in a totally frozen bog in Estonia. I hope you like it!