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Video: Litchi mission over Tallinn Old Town


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May 6, 2017
Here's a video of full Litchi mission over Tallinn Old Town (in Europe, capital of Estonia).
Let me know what you think.

BTW, there's no music - choose your own. :)

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What a beautiful city! I'm also very impressed with the fact that you did this via waypoints, using Litchi. I'm loving Litchi, but haven't had a chance to really do this type of video, but wanting to do so, soon. Anyway, great job on this and thanks for sharing!
Hi Urx
What an interesting video, and town for that matter, looks way cool, Liked the passing shot of the plane coming in to land, how far away was that...?
PS it would be great if you could post a pic of the Litchi mission, it looked quite complex, and I'm sure others would like to see what can be accomplished in an autonomous flight.
Thanks! The plane was quite far, possibly 5-6km.
Below are two pics of the mission, hopfully they would give some idea how it looks like.

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Beautiful job1. Dis you pre plan that mission offsite then uploaded it to the Mavic? This is the reason I'm interested in purchasing Litchi. Thanks for sharing.
Lovely work, and a great way of getting the shots when doing it all manually might draw attention, only wish Litchi soften those transitions from the actions to the next waypoint flight.

How long did that take to plan?
Very cool ! I was in Tallinn last summer and was very impressed with the town. More bars per capita than any other city I can remember, most of which were open until 8am in a city that only received 1 hour or so of darkness 24h :) Did lots of exploring on foot in old town.. very cool to see from air thanks for the video.
Hi Urx, really owesome and smooth video ..
would you share the video seting? Its all sharp and focus along in the video, is it Manual focus?

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