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  1. S

    This forum made me not buy the Mavic Mini today. Why?

    Hello, First, let me start this thread by saying a big, fat THANK YOU to all the users here. I'm reading mavicpilots for a day now, but, surprise-surprise, this doesn't look like any ordinary forum. The amount of answers and information to all kind of questions, the quick response, the sheer...
  2. Proffy

    One of the most beautiful castles in Baltics!

    Located near Sangste, Estonia
  3. winkiel82

    Meet Warsaw, the capital of Poland

    Welcome in my city:
  4. M

    Dji Goggles UK v EU editions?

    DJI lists on Amazon.de two versions of the Goggles with different prices. One is marked as "UK". I've searched but couldn't find what's the difference...
  5. Z

    Registration (Romania and other countries)

    Hey guys, i am totally new to this drone world and I am about to purchase a spark or a mavic air, so both are below 500 grams. I am not sure, I read that Romania (I live here) do not need drones that are under 500 g to be registered, but in USA for example the limit is 250g if I'm not wrong. So...
  6. L

    European Summer 2017

  7. J

    Road Trip to Norway | 4K - My First Post

    A spontaneous and fast 36 hours road trip with my dad. From Arjeplog , Sweden to Norway. To take some droneshoots over the road in Junkerdal before it closes and re-opens for cycling only. Now, afterwards, I thought that the video was a little to long... perhaps... What do u think? :)
  8. F

    Drone regulations per country Information

    Hello guys, Do you know if there's a website showing all drone regulations per country ? as well as drone experience travelling to those countries? Some countries doesn't have clear information about drone flying. What's more, in some countries drone flying is just banned (I've read an...
  9. U

    Video: Litchi mission over Tallinn Old Town

    Here's a video of full Litchi mission over Tallinn Old Town (in Europe, capital of Estonia). Let me know what you think. BTW, there's no music - choose your own. :)
  10. M

    Crane shot

    This old crane was recently rebuild into an officespace. I remember years ago when they were active reloading ships at the same dock. will post vid later.
  11. H

    Flying in spain

    Hi! I am going to Spain this summer, and I would like to take my Mavic and get some nice footage mainly for sharing with my family. I have been looking at the rules, and see that non-commercial flight should generally be allowed. I know there are loads of discussions about the rules in Spain...
  12. FantasticMrF

    Beautiful Scotland

    had an amazing sunny day today, took some footage
  13. Vilco

    Ordered MP+FM yesterday morning, DJI page already says "Shipped"

    Forget the 3-5 days shipment: I ordered a MP plus Fly More and DJI Care yesterday at 10AM. Now, after just a little more than 24 hours, it says Shipped. How long will it take to get to Italy? A couple of weeks?
  14. FeliPereira

    [SOLD] Brand New DJI MAVIC PRO + Extra Battery - Europe

    [SOLD] Hi, I have a Brand New DJI MAVIC PRO fly less, new sealed in box and extra batteries. The prices are: DJI Mavic Pro - EUR 1.299 Intelligent Battery - EUR 99 I can ship at buyer's expense.
  15. W

    Beautiful Switzerland feat. Mavic Pro

    Hey folks, i have my Mavic Pro for about two weeks and it's incredible. PLEASE check out my YouTube-Videos and subscribe to recieve more in the future. Check out my Channel for the latest updates: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi5IWTbBmMQOgkkE0QZWJKg See you Patrick aka Wildersachse...