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  1. theoaristi53

    Air 1 A small Greek town
  2. Proffy

    Air 1 Island with a Church in the middle of the river

    Ikšķile is a place where more than 800 years ago historical events of both national and European importance took place. The ruins of the oldest sacred stone building, located on the St. Meinhard’s Island on the river Daugava, are the witnesses of these events. In 1184, Meinhard, who was an...
  3. V

    Mini Spectacular Croatia...

    I'm just so amazed about this country! Recorded with Mavic Mini and Feiyu Pocket.
  4. V

    Supraśl - a little and lovely town in Poland, Europe

    Hello everyone! This time I decided to show you a small town i north-east of Poland not only by drone, but from a ground level also. I'll hope you enjoyed it! Recorded with Mavic Mini (aerial) and Feiyu Pocket (from ground), edited and color graded in DaVinci Resolve 16.
  5. theoaristi53

    Summer is awesome

  6. theoaristi53

    Lake Plastiras, Greece

  7. theoaristi53

    Some photovoltaic power stations

    I made this for a client. What do you think?
  8. Slava Ivanov

    Denmark: Copenhagen, North Sea

    Hey everyone, Below are two of my videos I made over the trip to Denmark. I'm still practicing so all the thought are welcomed.
  9. Slava Ivanov

    Got arrested in Europe with a fine of 470 euros.

    I hope you'll find this message helpful. Well, I had my wedding trip in February through Denmark, Germany and Netherlands and everything was perfect until the day "x". The only thing I knew about regulations was the maximum flight height (which is 120 metres or so). I always fly with respect to...
  10. S

    New EU regulations: buying a drone

    Hello everybody! I currently own a little Tello and I'd like to purchase a more serious drone for hobby use. I'm heading towards getting a Mavic Mini, however I deep dived into the new EU regulations, and I'm wondering: is it a good moment to buy a new drone in Europe, when looking at the...
  11. theoaristi53

    Vikos Canyon, Greece

  12. S

    Using Mavic mini FCC in Europe

    Hello, next mounth I wil be in USA for two weeks and I am thinking of buying Mavic mini from there. I will use it in Bulgaria/Europe, so my question is how the FCC version will perform in Europe and will I get better range than tha CE version? Thank you. :)
  13. Proffy

    260 Feet tall WW2 Memorial!

    Monument to the Liberators of Soviet Latvia and Riga from the German Fascist Invaders is a memorial complex in Victory Park, Riga, Latvia erected in 1985 to commemorate the Soviet Army's victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. It was designed by sculptors Lev Bokovsky and Aivars Gulbis. The...
  14. S

    This forum made me not buy the Mavic Mini today. Why?

    Hello, First, let me start this thread by saying a big, fat THANK YOU to all the users here. I'm reading mavicpilots for a day now, but, surprise-surprise, this doesn't look like any ordinary forum. The amount of answers and information to all kind of questions, the quick response, the sheer...
  15. Proffy

    One of the most beautiful castles in Baltics!

    Located near Sangste, Estonia
  16. winkiel82

    Meet Warsaw, the capital of Poland

    Welcome in my city:
  17. M

    Dji Goggles UK v EU editions?

    DJI lists on two versions of the Goggles with different prices. One is marked as "UK". I've searched but couldn't find what's the difference...