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  1. DJ Wes

    Droneception Mission Maker for Litchi

    Attention Litchi and Google Earth Pro users: I have created a new Droneception Mission Maker for Litchi. The idea of creating this software was inspired by a comment by @Nagem to my Spiral Maker for Litchi Waypoint Missions web application. I am not an expert on making droneception images...
  2. C

    Litchi Mission Creation MacBook Galaxy Tab A

    My Question: If I create a mission on my Macbook do I have the same ability to create/edit missions on my Galaxy tablet? This may seem to be.a dumb question but I have been creating missions on the Mission Hub and running them in Google Earth Pro and just want to make sure I can work remotely...
  3. sarniac

    Litchi Mission Gone Wrong

    I have a Mavic Pro flying a mission made using Litchi. I’ve flown this route 5 times and never had a problem. On my latest flight, a System Error/Check App message appeared on screen, and mode went to ATTI, even though screen was showing 20 sats. I spent too much time looking at the screen...
  4. DJ Wes

    Fireworks Hyperlapse Synced to Music

    I’ve seen many example movies of fireworks captured with drones. However, I’ve never seen anyone post a hyperlapse sequence of a fireworks display much less one synchronized to the beat of the music. For this video, I planned a mission using Litchi to circle an area where a fireworks display...
  5. DJ Wes

    Spiral Maker for Litchi Waypoint Missions

    Attention Litchi and Google Earth Pro users: A type of mission that I like to fly when capturing video is a "spiral reveal". This is where the drone revolves around a point of interest (POI) while gaining in altitude. Geometrically, this is probably better described as a "coil" or "helix". Even...
  6. bneuhaus

    Can I download my Litchi missions to CrystalSky?

    Hi, I would like to download the Litchi-missions programmed on the Litchi-website for my Mavic Pro to my Litchi-App on CrystalSky. I can save missions that I develop direct with Litchi on CrystalSky and reload them but I cannot access any Litchi-missions developed on my PC. Any ideas how to...
  7. dronelink

    Newly Released Dronelink 101 Videos

    Responding to requests from our beta users, we have released 3 quick videos intended to help users that are interested in learning how to quickly get started with Dronelink. We'd love to get additional feedback from users who are looking to do unique autonomous missions. As more and more...
  8. DJ Wes

    Dutch Windmills, Netherlands

    On a recent trip to the Netherlands I had the opportunity to capture footage of a few Dutch windmills. I used the footage to create this “Pop-Up” movie with small factoids of the windmills I visited. I hope you enjoy it. I used the following tools in the creation of this movie: • Dutch...
  9. DJ Wes

    Repeatability of Litchi Waypoint Missions

    On my way to work one day I noticed a water tower being built alongside the highway. Since the construction site was not too far from where I live I thought it would be interesting to design a drone mission using Litchi and fly that same mission every day or so as the water tower was being...
  10. Atlas94

    Battery Gauge not working while running Litchi on SC

    Hey All, I know I have seen a thread on this, but I have been searching for two days and cannot seem to locate it via the search feature. I am using Litchi on SC with my Mavic 2 pro and everything seems to be working correctly with manual flight, waypoint missions, etc. However, my battery...
  11. Rhysg412

    Rapeseed Crop Field Edit - Mavic Pro 4k Footage

    Hi all, I drove past a rapeseed field yesterday on my way home and thought it would make for a cool video.. let me know what you think.. My Insta: Instagram: DJI_Rhys - Mavic Pro Drone 4K
  12. RomekCyborg

    Litchi Panorama - Confused

    I'm watched pleny of Youtube videos, and read many forums threads (and of course the Litchi manual) but still can't get my head around this. The panorama settings in Litchi are (iOS version): 1- Width (10 to 360 degrees) 2- Columns 3- Height (10 to 120 degrees) 4- Rows The Width and Height...
  13. S

    Jerky yaw and gimbal adjustment with Mavic 2 and Litchy on crystalsky

    Hi guys, I watched some of your videos in here. Amazing shots! and in particular the otbit seems to work quite well. I am also interested in doing ortbit shots. But I dont want to use the otbit or waypoint mode. I prefter to use the follow and/or focus mode since many of the things I do shoot...
  14. P

    Gimbal not working in Litchi mission...

    I created a mission in Litchi with several waypoints and several POIs. I set the waypoints to look at the POI close to it as the drone passed by (Focus POI). I started the video prior to launching the mission. The drone flew the mission correctly, however, the camera never moved to the...
  15. Watash48

    2019 iPad Monitor

    Can anyone please help me select the best iPad monitor to connect to my Mavic2 Pro controller. The crystal sky is out of my budget and does not support iOS litchi app.
  16. N

    Automating the control of front LEDs with Litchi (Mavic Zoom)

    Is it possible to program a flight with waypoints that toggle the Mavic's front arm LED lights while in motion? Given a collection of waypoints, I'd like the Mavic to climb in altitude while turning on the front LEDs, but I haven't been able to find any documentation describing how to do that.
  17. Prismatic

    KML illustrates cornering performance vs. speed

    Mavic Air pilots, especially those who use Litchi, may find this KML file interesting. It shows how a Mavic Air performed on a course specifically set up to see if—and how far—the drone “overshoots” corners at various speeds. Here's a snapshot of the course, marked for the direction of travel...
  18. J

    First Litchi App Flight

    Featured Waypoint shots in this video are: - 2 Points of Interest reveal - Helix - Boomerang I finally got the Litchi app for autonomous waypoint missions for iOS. So far I am really pleased with the outcome of my first flight and having better control of the Mavic Pro for simulating...
  19. Rockowe

    Awsome: AutoCreating a Litchi Mission from a Normal DJI Flight

    Often - the concept of creating a MISSION that can be flown over and Over - is too much work , or time Consuming, or simply too difficult to do. How often have you wished that in some way you could REDO the Flight you have flown previously, or needed to survey the same area without having the...
  20. A

    MA Compass Calibration - DJI Go 4 app vs Litchi app?

    I’ve seen far too many posts regarding the frustration of wanting to fly but unable to, due to persistent compass calibration requests by the DGI Go 4 app. I also have received this and it seems to coincide with traveling some distance from the previous location where a flight was successful...