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  1. rleiman

    Request to join Litchi Beta for IOS

    I installed TestFlight but it shows I don't have any apps to test. I tried to join and I sent several requests through Beta - Litchi but they never reply to my requests. I'm enclosing proof that I have purchased Litchi for IOS. I'm hoping someone can send me a link to join the Beta programme so...
  2. rleiman

    [Solved] - Litchi Hub heading is disabled

    Greetings Everyone, In Chrome, the Litchi Hub heading slider and also the entry field is disabled. How do I enable it? It's disabled wether I select a POI or don't select one. Thanks.
  3. DJ Wes

    Missouri & North Arkansas Railway

    This pop-up video documents the current state of the Missouri & North Arkansas Railway between Beaver and Eureka Springs, AR. I am a railroad historian specializing in steam locomotives and other steam locomotive related items. I use Litchi, VLM, Spiral Mission Maker, and Google Earth to design...
  4. DJ Wes

    2 Zoom Missouri Pacific Roundhouse, Joplin, MO

    This video documents the current state of the Missouri Pacific roundhouse in Joplin, MO. I am a railroad historian specializing in steam locomotives and other steam locomotive related items. This is one of only 221 roundhouses still standing in the USA. I use Litchi, VLM, Spiral Mission Maker...
  5. Bussty

    Litchi - Follow Me - Heading Issue - Anybody else having this?

    Hi there I have a Mavic Mini 1, Samsung S9 and using the Beta Litchi App. Follow mode works great but I have an issue when trying to change the heading direction using the Left stick. It happens in either Course or North Mode. So in settings RC joysticks are enabled and horizontal movements...
  6. R

    Shoulder buttons of SC with Litchi

    Hi, I just got a Smart Controller for my Air2 (like others....didn't really need it but....why not) and have been playing around a little bit with it. Everything works fine....but I wanted to explore the possibilities of the SC and installed Play Store and Litchi after that. Everything works...
  7. K

    Mavic mini waypoints

    I kind of want to do some waypoints with my mini. Does litchi support waypoints for the mavic mini? If it doesn’t should I use something like drone link or AirMap?
  8. K

    Should I buy litchi

    Recently I have been hearing about how litchi is the **** and I was wondering if I should buy it for my mavic mini. What do you guys think?
  9. ssg_60

    Litchi video not found after mission

    Hi all, and thank you for your responses in advance. I have just run a mission in Litchi using the Mavic 2 Pro with a smart controller. All successful with one exception. I landed. Exited the app. Ran a mission using the DJI app. Shut down the controller and shut down the drone in that order...
  10. Crouching Leopard

    Litchi not sending pause mission command to Mavic Mini

    Has anyone else experienced this? Today tried to do an orbit around a park. once everything was programmed in, I set the drone off to do the orbit. After ascending to the required height and moving north, I saw that the drone was getting closer to some trees than intended (about 100 metres...
  11. heo3480

    Mavic Mini Litchi App Tutorial + Flight Mode Demo (not for Mini 2 yet)

    Tutorial demoing Mavic Mini Follow Me, Panorama 360, Orbit, Focus mode & Active Track. If you missed part 1 of my Mavic Mini Litchi App tutorial going over the basics in the app, like flight screen, camera settings, and general app settings you can access it here:
  12. heo3480

    Mavic Mini Litchi App Tutorial + Flight Mode Demo

    I'm sorry this was posted in the wrong forum.. this is NOT for MINI 2, moved to:
  13. D

    Third party apps for Mini2 feedbacks

    I'm very interested in hearing feedbacks and user experiences with third party apps for the Mini2. Litchi seems the most comprehensive one but what else is out there, and how do they perform?
  14. K

    Gimbal drifting up when flying with Litch - SOLVED!

    Hi, I have been using Litchi with my Mavic 2 pro for over a year without any issues. But just recently started to have problems - gimbal is slowly moving/drifting upwards. It's mostly fixed to -90 degrees while flying but now it's slowly drifting to -89 ...after couple of seconds -88 ... -87. No...
  15. Drone_The_Sky

    Finally flew my Mavic Mini in VR mode

    Today I got to fly My Mavic Mini in VR using Litchi, definitely a different experience. Made a video about it, I recommend you give VR a try VR Video
  16. P

    Mavic 1 Pro not flying smoothly during Litchi waypoint mission

    Just recently I flew a waypoint mission with my Mavic Pro using Litchi. Takeoff was uneventful, but once airborne, the drone started lurching forward and almost stopping, lurching forward, then almost stopping. It seemed to only do this while flying forward, and not when flying sideways. The...
  17. DJ Wes

    Hot Springs Roundhouse, Malvern, AR

    This is what remains of a five-stall roundhouse in Malvern, AR. It was built in 1887 to service the narrow gauge Hot Springs Railroad which ran between Hot Springs and Malvern. The Line was later converted to standard gauge to be compatible with the Missouri Pacific Railroad in Malvern. The...
  18. M

    Planning repeated photo session

    I'm planning to take some photos of a place and repeat them time to time. Each photo has a lot of metadata info: Latitude, Longitude, Relative altitude, Gimbal yaw degree, Gimbal Pitch degree. Theoretically I have all the variables needed to repeat the mission departing the drone from the same...
  19. D

    Combining Litchi's 'Panorama' & 'AEB' features to create a 45 picture Landscape Shot (M2P)

    DJI's native Go 4.0 app can happily take both panoramic pictures, and auto exposure bracketed (AEB) ones. - What it cannot do, is shoot both at the same time. (At least not on the M2P) Step up; everyone's favourite quadcopter third party software solution - Litchi (Although not cheap at...
  20. Brojon

    Mavic Air 2 questions

    Hopefully someone will get one soon. Meanwhile after watching many reviews I have some questions. Will it get Litchi support? Does the new app allow adjusting critical parameters for cinema yaw speed, yaw response (EXP curves), smooth braking Does it have cinema/tripod mode How bad is low...