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  1. ScottyV

    Confidence in Litchi mission

    (sorry if I missed a general thread about this....searched and didn't find anything, wanted to get a general and up-to-date consensus) I've flown just a few Litchi missions in front of my house where drone was always in sight, missions were short and an easy loop in front of me. I'm planning on...
  2. S

    Litchi has more "Minor Signal Errors"?

    Hi, just discovered by looking through all my airdata logs, that when flying with Litchi (1.18) I always got some "minor signal errors". Nothing to worry about according to the Airdata color scheme (between 2 to 6), all green... but when comparing this to flights done with DJI Go (4.1.3), most...
  3. Chip D

    Litchi Starting and Stopping the Camera

    I wanted to eliminate the takeoff and landings from my videos as I'm just too lazy to cut out the beginning and ending 7 seconds. o_O So I turned the Auto Start off. But because I can get forgetful, I wanted to create my missions that would turn the camera on and off. I created a short 4...
  4. C

    Lessons Learnt from splash landing

    Several months back my bird took a bath after an automatic landing caused it to try landing on water. This happened, so I'm told, because the sensors were confused over calm very reflective water. Guess it wasn't my day as I had only turned the sensors on for that flight after reading that would...
  5. W

    stopping at waypoints

    Hi. Is there a setting that prevents the drone from stopping at Litchi waypoints. I set up a flight with 10 waypoints and even if the waypoints are in a "straight line"... the Mavic will stop for a few seconds before moving on at cruising speed. The mission is pretty straightforward with no...
  6. D

    Strange Camera Shake Using Litichi

    I just started using Litchi and on the Second Way point mission the Camera started to act strange at first i thought it was wind? but when landing i say the camera trying to point up past its limits I attached 2 videos the first it starts at about 1:00 the second its pretty much the entire...
  7. C

    Litchi Mission - Waypoint speed oddity & questions...

    I've been using Litchi since last Fall. I've run a couple dozen missions without issue. Recently I started playing with adjusting speed at waypoints. Previously all of my missions were set at cruising speed. Here's what's happening.... Mavic Pro starts at Waypoint 1, gets up to cruising...
  8. K

    Litchi not obeying auto commands

    Hi There, I'm having trouble getting litchi to take photos while running a pre programmed flight. Ive put in the actions to stop for 2 secs then take photo but its not stopping or snapping. 3 runs through just continues from start to finish. Anyone know where I'm going wrong ? Mission Hub - Litchi
  9. Celestyn

    Litchi waypoint height error?

    I have created simple mission with waypoints with the same height (relative to first waypoint) But exported kml path viewed in google earth has not the same height. Why ? Is seems that height is modified by the terrain, but I didn't use the new feature "terrain height".
  10. I

    Shooting D-Log in Litchi?

    Hi Guys, I'm having a hard time to find the setting to shoot D-Log in litchi. Can anyone point it out for me?
  11. P

    Sync Litchi settings between devices

    I'm using DJI Go4 and Litchi on an iPhone 8 as my primary control for my Mavic Pro. However from time to time I like to use the larger screen on an iPad mini 4. This works fine but I can't find a way of ensuring any setting changes I make on the iPhone are reflected on the iPad without doing it...
  12. D

    litchi crashing on android

    Hi, i posted this on fb but wasnt able to get any answers so i figured id post here. I recently installed litchi on a huawei phone, running android 7.0, after it was recommended by so many people. Each time i open the app, it crashes almost immediately. There are no apps running in the...
  13. P

    Litchi iOS connecting to Mission Hub

    Hi, this is my first forum post so be gentle with me! I bought the Litchi iOS app today after reading the many forum posts praising it and it looks good. However I have a very basic problem in connecting my iPhone app and the online Mission hub. I created an account on the mission hub (on my...
  14. R

    Litchi's restrictions

    Hi everyone and sorry for my mistakes in english, I'm french. I have a Mavic and I found out that there is a limitation for the altitude for both Waypoint mode and Point of interest mode with the DJI APP (Android). I also red that the minimum distance between two points in WP is 0.5 meters with...
  15. N

    Virtual Litchi Mission

    Download latest version here : Virtual Litchi Mission V2.4.0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VLM Frequently Asked Questions Problems Getting Started Q) VLM does not start properly – startup sound and splash...
  16. C

    Wanted: Animation of Litchi missions

    I am kinda new to Litchi missions with the first couple doing unexpected moves. And so I can see a real need for an app or program or extra that uses the mission statement to fly in animation - using an icon flying the route in 3D, rotating as instructed, and calling out extra actions as they...
  17. 5

    Want to do a very simple flight, and not sure how...

    This should be easy, and I'm sure it probably is. What I want to do For this example, I want to start at maybe 5' alt, and 15' away from a house, the front of which would be the point of interest. I want to fly back and raise altitude. I have done OK with Tripod mode and just manually doing...
  18. J

    Question about jitter

    Hey, got a question. I'm still a newbie at flying this, but I just did my first waypoint mission (which I was using Litchi to do so). This was to record just a segment of my Christmas Light show just to see how well it would pick up the lights. The flight went just as I was hoping, but at the...
  19. A

    Waypoint folder empty in Iphone X

    Hi, I have created a new Waypoint mission on the computer (web) and when I go to my old iPad Air it appears with the rest of the missions. However, in my new iPhone X, the waypoint missions folder appears empty. Litchi is updated. What can happen? Thank you.
  20. R

    DJI GO unusable today

    DJI GO doesn't seem to work today. It crashes on my iPhone after a few seconds, every time. I've restarted my phone a day still doesn't fix it. Just opening the app, not connected to the RC, and the app still crashes after a few seconds. Forced to use Litchi, but it seems it doesn't have any...