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  1. M

    Photos between waypoints? Litchi or other

    This might be an odd question, but is there a way to plan a waypoint mission in Litchi (preferably) or any other app, where the drone would take a photo every 2s between two waypoints? For context, I'm experimenting with time-lapses, and while I can make a 99-point mission for smaller projects...
  2. J

    Virtual Litchi Mission 2.2 not appearing when launched Win 10

    VLM 2.2 has been working just fine for the last several days after installing. Today, when launched, it does not appear on my screen. Running Win 10. Had this happen once before with 2.1, but went away when I first installed 2.2 Uninstalled and reinstalled, but same results. Opened task manager...
  3. N

    DJI GO 4 and Litchi compatible smartphone

    Hi! So I just bought a Mavic Pro about 50 days ago and I've had a lot of fun with it, but i had to realize that my android devices are far from being enough powerful for the live transmission: I tried it with a Huawei P8 lite, LG G Pad 8.0 (?) (tablet) and note 4 (N910F) none, I repeat none of...
  4. P

    Why does MP rotate full 360 in Litchi? Unable to set rotation direction

    So I have created a waypoint mission in Litchi mission hub as I have done countless times before. I have heading direction set to custom in ios. Now when I fly the mission, it always rotates in clockwise direction to be aimed at the correct POI by the time it gets to the next waypoint. I am...
  5. M

    Litchi compass configuration

    Ciao a tutti, ho appena acquistato Mavic Pro e avendo bisogno di programmare dei voli waypoint ho installato Litchi. Nel negozio della DJI mi hanno detto che devo calibrare la bussola in Litchi prima di volare ma quando tento di farlo mi da un avviso di errore e non completa. Ho visto post in...
  6. R

    MavAir / Litchi / Waypoint Missions / Gimbal Pitch Issue

    Hi MavicPilots- I've been experimenting with Litchi's Waypoint Mission videography, but having issues with Gimbal control during mission. My videos are pointed in the right direction of each POI, but the horizon stays locked in the middle of the frame... regardless of POI being low or high...
  7. J

    Litchi: Question and caution

    Was flying a Litchi mission downtown last night. Video signal went out with some ways left to go. Fine: I expected that. It came back up again as my MA was about 20 feet in front of an office tower window (a Google office, no less), and flying towards it. Luckily, I had time to pull it back...
  8. M

    Done with Litchi & CrystalSky

    Seriously Litchi why release it and charge people when you know that it’s potentially hazardous to our expensive drones. This is a quote this morning from Litchi after an almost tragic experience yesterday involving the two. Granted I’ve had amongst others issues but it’s clear this is getting...
  9. J

    Is Litche Certified by DJI?

    According to Care Refresh; Damage resulting from the use of non-DJI certified third-party accessories, batteries or software, is not covered. Is Litchi DJI certified software?
  10. M

    Switching between DJI & Litchi...Settings

    Anyone else have the problem of when going between these two apps, settings being reversed back to the default? Example, when I use Litchi it turns my status LEDs off everytime, then in DJI I have to go back and turn them back on. Also, my Fn and C2 shortcuts for the Mavic Air are reverted back...
  11. heo3480

    Fly Waypoints with Litchi

    DJI excluded waypoints from Mavic Air, but luckily you plan an fly waypoints mission with the Litchi App that recently started to support Mavic Air. This video shows you the simple steps to create a 4 waypoint mission with 2 points of interest I think the map-based approach is better than...
  12. C

    My Litchi Waypoints Missions

    Hey, Hope you enjoy these videos made using Adobe Premier. Most of these waypoint missions are over 6KM. Let me know what you guys think. If you do enjoy them, do let me know, so I can keep this thread updated. :)
  13. Prmath

    Litchi input for the MAV yet

    Anyone heard how the MAV works with the new release
  14. DownandLocked

    Can't Figure Out How to Post Litchi Panorama to Website

    This is driving me nuts. I've figured out how to use Litchi to take a series of panorama shots, tweak them as needed using Microsoft's Image Composite Editor (ICE), adjust the size and resolution and metadata for facebook, and successfully display them on Facebook. I've also successfully...
  15. ScottyV

    Confidence in Litchi mission

    (sorry if I missed a general thread about this....searched and didn't find anything, wanted to get a general and up-to-date consensus) I've flown just a few Litchi missions in front of my house where drone was always in sight, missions were short and an easy loop in front of me. I'm planning on...
  16. S

    Litchi has more "Minor Signal Errors"?

    Hi, just discovered by looking through all my airdata logs, that when flying with Litchi (1.18) I always got some "minor signal errors". Nothing to worry about according to the Airdata color scheme (between 2 to 6), all green... but when comparing this to flights done with DJI Go (4.1.3), most...
  17. Chip D

    Litchi Starting and Stopping the Camera

    I wanted to eliminate the takeoff and landings from my videos as I'm just too lazy to cut out the beginning and ending 7 seconds. o_O So I turned the Auto Start off. But because I can get forgetful, I wanted to create my missions that would turn the camera on and off. I created a short 4...
  18. C

    Lessons Learnt from splash landing

    Several months back my bird took a bath after an automatic landing caused it to try landing on water. This happened, so I'm told, because the sensors were confused over calm very reflective water. Guess it wasn't my day as I had only turned the sensors on for that flight after reading that would...
  19. W

    stopping at waypoints

    Hi. Is there a setting that prevents the drone from stopping at Litchi waypoints. I set up a flight with 10 waypoints and even if the waypoints are in a "straight line"... the Mavic will stop for a few seconds before moving on at cruising speed. The mission is pretty straightforward with no...
  20. D

    Strange Camera Shake Using Litichi

    I just started using Litchi and on the Second Way point mission the Camera started to act strange at first i thought it was wind? but when landing i say the camera trying to point up past its limits I attached 2 videos the first it starts at about 1:00 the second its pretty much the entire...