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  1. A

    Are there any problems with running Litchi by itself with the Mini 2?

    When I had a Mavic Pro, I was running Litchi, but if I remember correctly, I had to have DJI's app running as well, because Litchi 'piggybacked' on it. I then got a Mini 2, and installed the Fly app. I crashed the drone and had to buy a replacement (just the drone, without the controller) and I...
  2. DJ Wes

    2 Zoom Loring Park, Minneapolis

    On a recent trip to Minneapolis I captured some footage at Loring Park and The Sculpture Garden. This was flown using a M2Z with Litchi. The footage was edited using DaVinci Resolve with some very light color correction.
  3. Yaros

    How to gain trust of Litchi Waypoints?

    I have bought Litchi a while ago, not using it often because there aren't many benefits compared to DJI Fly with Mavic Air 2, however I'm planning of using Litchi Waypoints for a project soon, I have tested the feature a couple of times, and I'm scared, for no reason. One of the reasons why I'm...
  4. PanX

    GRID tool for Litchi

    I made a small app (for Android) to make Grids for Litchi. After you make the csv file (ENTER) you can email it to yourself and open it with MISSION HUB. I believe this is the final version. Please gnore the error when you open map for first time. It will not show again (its an initialization...
  5. V

    Litchi mission speed during flight

    Hi! Playing with Litchi Missions. During the mission I can adjust yaw, but not speed. According manual I should be able to use right stick (mode2) to adjust speed up to max mission speed. But now it just uses cruise speed all the time, without any reaction on right stick. Latest Litchi version...
  6. H

    Good morning, all! New member here, and new to UAV Missions

    I currently have a Mini2, and for the past few months have only used the dji Fly app. Getting set up with Litchi at this moment, and I must say, I am excited! This looks to be a potential game changer. I live in north Florida, in the deep woods, and a lot of the north Florida area has limits on...
  7. Yaros

    Anyone having this issue with Litchi Waypoints? It's driving me crazy!

    There is a bug in Litchi's Waypoints implementation that is driving me crazy! The drone gets “stuck” on a waypoint and then starts to fly round it in circles/lines and never proceeds with the mission. Today it happened to me, here is the mission: Mission Hub - Litchi ( Here is the...
  8. E

    Oops after overlooking a Litchi mission planning detail

    I'd planned a 6-minute circuit to get video of a friend's cottage nestled in trees near a frozen lake. All looked well, with the elevation of the waypoints over the forested area set to 45m (~150ft), so well above even the tallest pine trees. Just to be sure though, before starting the mission...
  9. B

    Mini 2 Flew Away when I canceled RTH with Litchi app running a mission

    I had an incident a few days ago with my Mini 2, using the Litchi way point mission on my Android Galaxy S10 phone. The aircraft was losing communications with the RC on and off, so I decided to just do a RTH. I long pressed the RTH button on the RC and the aircraft came back to me as expected...
  10. T

    Litchi and Mavic Air (original) - Track at Sports mode speeds?

    Hey folks. I have the original Mavic Air, and while using the DJI app, will only do active track in Normal Mode. I use my drone for filming waterskiing, which is around 50-55kph. Air specs are 68.4 kph in Sport, only 28.8 kph in Normal, so obviously not quick enough for active track to keep up...
  11. Yaros

    Litchi vs. DJI Fly - the good and the bad of each app

    Hello, I bought Litchi a month ago and was trying some stuff like waypoints and orbiting, I also used DJI Fly for some other stuff like tracking and flying manually. Here is what I noticed: DJI Fly: Very good for regular manual flying has easy camera adjustments with the new 1.5.9 update...
  12. D

    Litchi App and DJI RC Pro

    I’m brand new to this Litchi app but it advertises the functionality of what I need my drone(s) to do. I am using an iPhone Pro Max 1TB and the stock controller for my Mavic Mini, but I also have a Mini 2, an Air 2S and a Mavic 3 that I’d like to use Litchi with. I am also using a iPad Pro 12.9”...
  13. Yaros

    How to share a litchi mission by link without a Facebook account?

    Hello, I'm pretty new to litchi and created 3 or 4 missions with it, they work pretty well but I want to share them in the description of my YouTube videos. I don't need them to be in Discover (litchi mission hub publically) but just accessible by link. I don't have a Facebook Account. Is it...
  14. D

    can Litchi record a mission real-time?

    Tried searching the net to see if this is possible, but most posts were 3-4 years old and so the feature may have been added since. Is it possible with Litchi to record a manual flight, then replay / re-fly that flight automatically? Not a pre-designed mission, but a live capture of a manual...
  15. B

    Litchi beta on DJI SC

    I purchased the beta version of Litchi several days ago to use on my DJI Smart Controller. I have not been successful downloading the proper app. What I get is the regular version. Is their an additional step or operation I need to do? Has anyone else have it working on the SC? Thanks for your help.
  16. Yaros

    Will Litchi mess up my current settings?

    I am about to get started with Litchi and have a simple question. I have all of my settings configured in DJI Fly (Mavic Air 2), all safety, control and camera settings. Will these settings sync when I open litchi or will they change to some Litchi's default ones? I don't plan to use Litchi all...
  17. Yaros

    DJI Fly vs Litchi - is it worth it ?

    I have been using the DJI Fly app for 5 months now and got used to it pretty quickly with my Mavic Air 2. However I have seen people saying that the Litchi app is better in some ways, is that true? What are the advantages / disadvantages of both apps? I know litchi has waypoints, that's...
  18. mattcaz

    Litchi and Dronelink... which do you think is better and why?

    So I have litchi and the Hobbyist version of DroneLink but I haven't played with Litchi recently. Have any of you used both and if you're using Litchi, what about it makes it better than Dronelink? I realize there's a thread already for something like this but it's over a year old so thats why...
  19. J

    Calibrate required for GPS Accuracy?

    Is it possible to calibrate the Mavic 2 with the Litchi App? My Litchi Waypoints are quite accurate but every once in a while they are off - so I usually have to calibrate in DJI 4 and then restart everything to get the Home Point re-positioned. Does Calibrate help with GPS Positioning...
  20. J

    Waypoints over water and Litchi

    I know in Litchi you can follow terrain by setting height above GROUND in Waypoints but how does a Waypoint behave above water: ie: Lakes, sea, and Crystal clear swimming pools? TIA, John