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  1. S

    Will Mini SE work in Europe?

    Hi all, if I would buy and have a mini se shipped from say Amazon US to Europe - will it work here? I can see the mini Se in the DJI Fly app but could there be different communication frequencies or such would stop it or is it exactly the same product sold everywhere, and would be, if they sold...
  2. blackomega

    Mini 2 LNG Canda Progress update

    Drove to Kitimat BC today to check in the progress of the Kitimat LNG Canada Project underway in Kitimat Harbour. A lot has changed since my last visit.
  3. blackomega

    Coal and Grain Export Terminal 4K

    Flight over an Island Terminal, sadly the coal port was on lunch break when I filmed this today so not a lot going on
  4. A

    Export flight log for use in GIS (ArcMap)

    Is it possible to export the flight log to a .txt-file that shows x, y and z data? I want to add the data to a GIS project.
  5. S

    DJI Assistant 2 Noob Question

    I've had my Mavic Pro for about 2 weeks now and started playing with the Assistant to see what data I can download from the controller/Aircraft. When I connect the assistant to the controller(no problem) I see where I can export the black box data but the export fails. I'm not sure that's what...
  6. thefrisbee995

    How Should I Export Mavic Video From Final Cut?

    So I have been exporting as an x264 in Final Cut Pro... I see some people using prores... But what's the point in making a massive file using anything other than x264... Surely no quality is lost if the mavic's footage is in x264 anyway? I'm sure it's irrelevant but it's in 4k 24fps and...
  7. K

    Problem slow videos

    Hi i have a problem when i´m importing the videos from micro sd to my laptop, every video looks like a slow motion video, they are too slow and i want them in normal speed, they looks fine in my cellphone as cache videos, what can i do to solve this problem. Sorry for my english, im from mexico