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DJI Assistant 2 Noob Question


Dec 3, 2017
Suwanee, GA
I've had my Mavic Pro for about 2 weeks now and started playing with the Assistant to see what data I can download from the controller/Aircraft.

When I connect the assistant to the controller(no problem) I see where I can export the black box data but the export fails. I'm not sure that's what I want anyway.

I'm mostly interested in the flight data that I can see in the DJI Go 4 app; Map data, aircraft telemetry,etc.
Since this is stored on the app on my phone I don't see a way to export this data.
Is this stored in the aircraft or controller also?

I'm running the latest firmware on the controller & aircraft. Assistant is running on windows 7. Phone is a Samsung S6.
Since this is stored on the app on my phone I don't see a way to export this data.
The TXT flight logs (what you see in DJI GO) are only stored on your mobile device. You can find instructions for retrieving those flight logs here.

DAT flight logs are stored on your Mavic's internal memory. You'll need to use the DJI Assistant 2 application to retrieve those files. See more details here.
Thanks, I figured as much on the mobile device files but didn't know where to find them..
The graphics depicting the PC application helped me with selecting the files. DJI has a strange method of selecting files that I didn't pick up on.
In light of this thread I just tried to install the program at work to see
whats involved and thinking I could use my DJI login I was quickly
reminded that it was not correct :/
So I clicked Sign does nothing :)
So I at least filled in the email address and password....clicked Sign Up...nothing
All I get after clicking Sign Up is a blank screen.
Do I need my Mavic attached before it can move forward?

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