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  1. T

    Read Logs from RC

    I downloaded 26 log files from the RC of my mavic (no logs available from the app). The drone is lost, I'm trying to decrypt the last position from these files but I don't know how. Someone can help me?
  2. O

    DJI assistant v1.2.0 contains trojan according to Norton

    I just downloaded DJI assistant v1.2.0 from DJI's site and installed. After the install Norton Antivirus (Fully updated) said it had found and removed Trojan.Gen2 from the install. It was contained in visionstarter.exe which was installed in c:\program files (x86)\dji product\dji assistant...
  3. S

    DJI Assistant 2 Noob Question

    I've had my Mavic Pro for about 2 weeks now and started playing with the Assistant to see what data I can download from the controller/Aircraft. When I connect the assistant to the controller(no problem) I see where I can export the black box data but the export fails. I'm not sure that's what...
  4. S

    Connecting Mavic to Assistant 2 via Macbook Pro

    I can't get my Mavic to connect to Assistant 2, I've tried on a windows laptop and a macbook pro with about 5 different usb cables including the one that came in the box with the Mavic. I have done the upgrade through the DjiGo 4.0 app but every time i come to use the Mavic I'm prompted to...
  5. Turning off the voice audio prompts

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know if it is possible to turn off the voice assistance from the DJI go app? I'm referring to the female voice that tells you when the home point has been recorded among other things. Also, is there a fix for the controller's beeping sounds? Is there a way to lower...
  6. D

    Solved getting MP USB recognized in Windows10 in Assistant

    After doing a normal install of DJI Assistant, I found that Win10 was not recognizing my MP as a valid USB device. Since DJI is using unsigned Android drivers, they were not successfully installed. Solution is to go to windows setting->Update & Security->Recovery and choose Advanced Startup. At...
  7. FatherXmas

    Installing Assistant Software Fails

    Has anyone else had an issue with installing the Assistant software on Windows 10? I get an error that the drivers are not signed and installation was blocked. I've tried to install on two different computers with the same results.
  8. G

    Obstacle avoidance calibration with a Mac

    Got a new MacBook Pro and was anxious to calibrate OAS. Read about all the issues so i wasn't optimistic. Had some minor issues downloading the app and plugin but thanks to some posts here I was able to work through those problems. Had calibration errors from the start but I kept rebooting the...