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external monitor

  1. AirStag

    Will RC Pro accept touch input over HDMI?

    I bought a FeelWorld 10" external touchscreen monitor (2000 nit) to use with the RC Pro. I havn't been able to use touchscreen feature which is a bummer. I guess the RC won't honor touchscreen input over HDMI. Has anyone else figured out how?
  2. J

    DJI RC-N1: recommended wireless setup for external monitor

    Hello! What configuration would be recommended for transmitting live flight imagery to an external monitor for client viewing? I'm using a DJI RC-N1 with a Samsung S22+. I thought about using a USB-C hub connected to my phone that sends an HDMI out to a wireless video transmitter, but that...
  3. Narayita

    Can you get a realtime feed to another montitor via HDMI from the DJI CrystalSky? Lets find out :)