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fell from sky

  1. A

    Air 2 fell out of the sky with 12% battery , do i have any chance of getting a replacement from dji

    Dear All Please can i get some assistance ive had my mavic air 2 for 2 years Last week i was flying it and the low battery warning appeared. As i was bringing down to land it basically fell out of the sky and i could not find it. I am reviewing the logs and it shows the drone still had 12%...
  2. KristofferR

    Mavic Air 2 died in the air, damaged what to do next?

    I have a Mavic Air 2. 50km flight total and 425 minutes. Really enjoy flying it both shooting photo and LOS. Yesterday did a shoot of a family event and when I was done “tripodding” I went to sport mode and went around to make a pass by in front of everyone. The drone just stopped working mid...
  3. Hooby

    MP1 died and fell from the sky

    So this just happened not too long ago. I took my Mavic Pro out for a little flight around my house and I did my normal testing where I take off, let it hover a bit, pitch it back and forth, up, down, etc. All checked out and it was the second flight of the day. Blades were perfectly fine. Brand...
  4. T

    Mavic Fell Into River

    DJI Flight Log Viewer - Will see if i can fish it out tommorow morning. Any suggestions?