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file transer

  1. T

    HELP! Computer can't read SD files

    Hi everyone I never had a problem with my Mavic before but now my Macbook can't read the latest .dng files and .mov files anymore. I can see the files and the size of the file on my computer but I can't open it, even Photoshop doesn't work. It is a new 64GB SD card and it worked without any...
  2. engy

    My files are not recognised by my Macbook

    Hi Everyone! I'm a new droner here. And I got my first batch of footage to transfer over to view and edit on a Macbook Pro 2012 directly from the Mavic via USB. Once the mavic is switched on, a drive appears and I see jpgs and mov files. Dragging them out caused an error massage. I managed to...