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  1. I

    Lost Drone footage has cost me £1000’s

    When they come knocking to buy some footage and you can’t find the needle in 48TB of storage haystack ‍♂️What do you do?
  2. piloto18

    Mavic Pro .mov files

    Hi all. I'm new playing with drones. I took nice shots today but can't see the videos on my matchbook pro. When finally sit down to go over the footage, Quicktime doesn't allow me play the videos. Wont recognize file .mov. Is there any plug in / app to be installed first.?
  3. M

    Can't seem to read files from card after update

    After the recent update, i can't seem to read the files from the SD card. The files are on the card, I recorded video and Raw photos. I can see them on the card with the correct file extensions but am unable to open them in Quiktime player and the Dng/jpg files in Lightroom. There are no...
  4. H

    Run transferred files PROBLEM

    Hi guys I am having some problems opening my transferred files on my laptop and computer, both .mov and .jpeg. Cannot open them, cannot visualize them... with any software. Some "corrupt file" messages appear. Do you have any idea about it?? how to solve this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Skydog

    Mavic Files - Location and Types

    Does anybody know of a resource that details all of the types of files and their location and purpose? I'm particularly interested in which files would be useful to the common flier vs the unix/linux type person. For Example 1. SD Card on Mavic - DNG, JPG image files, and MOV/MP4 video files...
  6. E

    Transferring Files

    Is removing the micro SD card the only way to copy/transfer the files to your PC/laptop? Any port from mavic itself + cable that can connect to my laptop to transfer the files? Thank you.