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  1. Sir Maxwell Greene

    3 South Thailand - Short movie!

    Takin it South - Lee brothers on the road Exploring the islands near Trang and the mountains in Southern Thailand, my brother and I took our camping trip to the next level. Check out the video of him spinning fire on devil sticks, capturing the raw thrill of our adventure. Filmed primarily with...
  2. JoostGT3

    The Joy of Flight...

    I know I'm not an amazing freestyle whatever yolo kind of pilot, but the DJI FPV has given me something that I had already when flying the Mavics, but got lost a bit in the desire to produce really nice photos and videos... the Joy of Flight! I'm slowly getting used to flying the basic...
  3. C

    2.7K Video hiccups / is not fluent

    Hi all, Sorry my english is not perfect.. but I just made a first flight with my mavic mini. The photo's are fine, but the video on 2.7K is just full of stops/hiccups/interruptions. It is not fluent. It runs for a second or two, then stops for a second and continues again, it s*cks. What is...
  4. B

    Takeoff - 31 minute film of mountain, ocean, and urban landscapes!

    Hello Mavic Pilots! I wanted to share my 31 minute film Takeoff. The video is a collection of drone adventures and travels. Please watch and let me know your thoughts!
  5. D

    Drone Ship Filming - How to find them to film them!

    Drone Ship Filming Tutorial - Find ships with your phone to film with your drone! I enjoy this creating this stuff on my youtube channel hope its useful for you
  6. brett8883

    Pro cinematic flight maneuvers

    For awhile now I have been looking for a good resource that contained an index of some of the more complex cinematic aerial maneuvers. However, I had a hard time finding a resource that fit my criteria until now and I wanted to share with the forum. If like me you have been flying for months...
  7. S

    Messing with drone blocks

    As the title suggests i have started messing with the DroneBlocks app a little. I have a Mavic Pro and a Tello. I will try to keep things Mavic Pro centered for this thread. Long story short I use my Mavic for filming mountain biking, backcountry snowboarding rock climbing and hiking. I use it...
  8. SpikeSky


    Gday to all my fello Dronies from all around the World. I just purchased a new app (LumaFusion) for editing experimental footage I have collected on various flying expeditions. Link to their website: and Luma Touch LLC Apps on the App Store , and all the...
  9. kinol

    Best prop guard for close-ups

    Hey guys! I am Ignat Kinol. I am directing a film shot on flying drones only. We use mavic pro for close-ups and a bit of inspire for wides. I am searching for the best prop guards for mavic. They should be cheap and light. So our actors don't freak out. Thanks. Ignat
  10. I

    Newbie's thoughts after first 'Air holiday' (with film)

    Hey there! I had been reading this forum in the weeks leading up to me buying my Air, so wanted to payback my thoughts that I hope others will find helpful. (Apologies if this is an overly long and indulgent post. I think I'm warming up for a blog post.) My Background I've been a hobbyist...
  11. Chirp

    Anybody Remember Film?

    I bet a lot of you kids are saying 'yeah I heard of that once.' Well if you're old enough like me it was a little different than digital. If the mods don't mind, and anybody even cares to talk about it, I would like to start a little discussion about the stuff I worked with up until I sold my...
  12. FantasticMrF

    Would love some feedback on my mavic movie

    made a small film 'into the woods' with the mavic and only the mavic! id love it if you could view it, give it a like and/ or leave some feedback on youtube or either here! would help me out so much and i always love to learn how to improve! thanks in advance!
  13. The_Skyman23

    Sending a shoutout from Boston MA, USA!

    Hey everyone! Just signed up to the forum to get to know the Mavic community! I am part 107 certified licensed commercial flight in the US. Currently working on a larger portfolio piece as to market myself, but I've been making little 30 second teasers for my social media outlets. Here's a...
  14. Brubaker

    What's UP, ...from Modesto!!

    Hi folks, I have just placed my pre-order for a Mavic (I'm super excited). This will be my first drone, to own. I've been flying the P3P and the P4 and have logged nearly 30hrs of flight with them. In the past few months I've had the opportunity to assist with aerial filming...