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  1. anotherEd

    newbie here and seeking advice to fly in Finland

    hello all! will be headed to Finland end of December and hope to get some aerials of Helsinki and Sodankylä. main challenge is of course temperature. plan to keep batteries inside coat and keep flights close and short. would greatly appreciate any suggestions and personal experiences!
  2. Altarus

    Flying drone in Finland in 2022

    Hi! Backstory : French, so used to the weird French regulations for drones With C-19, I barely fly my Mavic 2 due to living near Paris (a no, don't even think about it, fly zone) and that I didn't travel during the last 2 years. Back to present : Will travel to Finland (North, Oulu / Kemi...
  3. J

    Scenes from South Karelia, Finland

    Hello everybody! Already posted this on the pilot check-in part of the forum, and got some nice feedback there. But i figured it might fit this thread also. This is a teaser on my upcoming photo exhibition, made with the Mavic 2 Pro. Footage compiled from my first 8 hours of flight time. I...
  4. J

    Greetings from Finland, also my first drone video!

    Hello to you all, long time forumstalker and professional photographer here, reporting in from Finland. I got my mavic 2 pro last week, and have been flying for 8 hours now, creating a teaser trailer for my upcoming photo exhibition. I actually preordered the Air 2, but cancelled my order, and...
  5. L

    Summer and clouds

    Was so much fog and got couple months ago nice "above clouds" material.
  6. L

    Hunting red sky

    Greetings from Finland. Yesterday I heard sky going to be red because there was sand in the air.
  7. L

    Merry Christmas!

    Greetings from Finland! Date 23.12.2018 Mavic Air
  8. Q

    Winter in Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland

    DJI Mavic Pro in Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland. ND4 filter was used.
  9. Q

    Frozen sea in Helsinki, Finland

    DJI Mavic Pro over the frozen sea in Helsinki, Finland.
  10. Finlandos

    Green capital of Finland.

  11. T

    The Finnish archipelago from up above

    Oh did I enjoy this day out with my boat and my mavic! Had to land the Mavic on my boats roof, now that wasn't something I want to do again! Pretty tight (not on the video).
  12. T

    End of winter (hopefully) combination of mud, snow and ice

    Spring is slooooowly arriving to southern Finland. It was early morning of cloudy Saturday, quiet and peaceful. Is late March snow is almost gone creating artistic combination of mud, snow and ice. Enjoy watching!
  13. T

    End of Winter- last flights over the ice in coastal area of Finland

    Winter slowly ends even in Finland..., I did a few flights to see borders of the ice coverage. In this flight I flew quite far (3,4km) and all the time I had quite good reception (2-3 bars minimum), I was flying at 100m and I was amazed by the compositions made by ice, sun and water (see form...
  14. T

    A Finnish National Park, with snow and (camp)fire

    Did a short trip to the "wild", ie. a national park in Southern Finland. Almost perfect flying conditions with practically no wind at all. Really fulfilling to be able to shoot these scenes from up above and using the Mavic as a steadycam from time to time, in tripod mode. The opening scene and...
  15. T

    Mavic flying in the cold, an icy beach in Finland

    Hi all! Just got my Mavic in Finland last week. The weather has been in the -5C...+4C region. This morning i went to a beach to shoot the sunrise and icy landscapes: There was something weird going on with the gimbal, some shots are tilted to the left. I calibrated the gimbal on an uneven...
  16. J

    Mavic Deliveries - Nordic countries

    Could be nice to see who in the Nordic countries has received theirs Mavic, or are still waiting. Where did you purchase it from? And which package did you go for? I have ordered a Fly More Combo from in Norway, on the 27th of october. Only a mail regarding the 7-8 weeks wait, and...