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  1. hbrlasvegas

    Outside contractors used by Fire departments

    I'm wondering if there are outside contractors that partner with local fire departments to provide drone services. Doing some initial research it seems like everything I can find has to do with departments starting and running their drone ops from within.
  2. V

    If a drone falls in a forest does anybody care...? Fire risks of unretrieved drones.

    I have searched and searched and I cannot see that anyone has addressed this head on, but pardon me if there has been some dedicated discussion on this topic. Preamble: I live in BC (Canada) and do a lot of backcountry camping and hiking. I have an Advanced Operations Drone Pilot Certificate...
  3. C

    M2EA Viewing IR strobes

    Hello all! I am trying to find any information. Can the M2EA see IR strobes (attached to personnel), either with an IR cut on the visible camera, or through the thermal camera?
  4. California Wildfire Sunrise 2020

    California Wildfire Sunrise 2020

    This is a timelapse I took with my drone of the sunrise in California during these horrible wildfires.
  5. Thwyllo

    On-board battery fire

    Well lookie here .. a battery fire on board an aircraft involving the very thing I mentioned in a previous thread - a power bank being used to charge a mobile phone. WATCH: Ryanair passengers FLEE plane after mobile phone battery 'explodes'
  6. C

    Battery overheated and swelled up on flight while in carryon bag. Battery was put in explosives box

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum and not a good one at that. This morning I took my mavic pro out and all seemed normal. I discharged the battery to 60% by flying for a flight I had this evening. About an hour after taking off I went to retrieve an item from my bag and realized my bag...
  7. Leo153

    News story- drone causes fire

    Drone blamed for national forest wildfire that scorches 35 acres in Arizona
  8. E

    An entire suburb destroyed by fire in Northern California.

    Five weeks after fires ravaged Northern California, aerial footage shows destruction on an unimaginable scale in a Santa Rosa suburb. Tipping Point Community is accepting donations for their Emergency Relief Fund. The Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund supports low-income, vulnerable...
  9. R

    Safe Controller Charging

    Hey folks. I've had my Mavic for about a month and didn't consider battery safety at all when I bought it. Fast forward that month and I've opted for the "better safe than sorry" approach and bought a Bat-Safe and some LiPo bags. I figure my house and family's lives are worth more than the $80...
  10. M

    Is it legal and ethical to fly near firefighters in a case like this?

    I live right next to this marina. I could have sent my Mavic out to shoot this fire, but thought it might be a distraction or even illegal. (This isn't like a massive wildfire with an NFZ obviously) I am still new to the hobby and trying to learn the law and what's ethical. I have no real...
  11. Lutzdrone

    Forest fire in Florida north of Tampa.

    Pictures taken from miles away not in fire zone.
  12. HeavensAbove

    Aftermath of Fire