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firmware .500

  1. X

    New firmware with Samsung S5 - Problems??

    I switched on my DJI Mavic and was prompted to update both my Mavic Pro and my DJI Go 4 firmware. DJI Go 4Update is requesting I update to version 4.1.18. I currently am running 4.1.15 - as I had problems with pixellation with my Samsung S5. And now the request to update Mavic firmware to...
  2. I

    Are you happy with Mavic Air FW .0500?

    I've installed FW .0500 and am totally happy with it after 3 batteries worth of test flights
  3. Keule

    Mavic AIR firmware .500 is available (Sep 30, 2018)

    finally, it's here: and you can revert back ...
  4. C

    New Mavic Firmware Firmware : v01.03.0500 gimbal vibration issues

    My Mavic has operated flawlessly since purchase, (no crashes, no hard landings) but recently when updated to New Mavic Pro Firmware : v01.03.0500 DJI GO 4 App iOS : v4.0.5 started getting "Gimbal vibration errors" and aircraft to shake and make screeching noises. Tried multiple fixes including...
  5. F

    Norway: Firmware .500 Dlog and polarpro cinema 8ND

    From a trip with the family in a small town called Bud in Norway. Had to try out the new firmware .500. The phone battery seem to drain much less now with the new firmware. But on the down side. The live feed has become horrible. The picture is lagging a lot, not smooth at all with all kinds...