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firmware upgrade

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    Loss of video link after FW update, but telemetry still available

    Hi everybody. A few weekends back I was out flying with my drone here in Singapore and I experienced several video link dropouts at multiple locations. The first time it happened I thought that it might have been due to some interference as I was a few hundred meters away. However when it...
  2. B

    Remote controller beeping *more* after latest firmware upgrade

    Hey everyone, new mavic owner here, and I had to do the firmware upgrade today. It seems that after the upgrade, the remote controller started beeping also on obstacle warnings - before it was only vibrating. So when taking off in a relatively confined space, the remote beeps constantly...
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    Mavic would not connect to RC or Assistant after interrupted firmware update

    I was doing a firmware update and computer and Mavic both froze. after waiting for over an hour to see if it would continue, had to hot start PC and disconnect Mavic. Since that, Mavic starts (lights come on) but would not connect to PC assistant or RC. I suspect the firmware is half way and...
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    No SD Card

    I've had my Mavic for a day, and have been able to fly for about 20 mins... After having to wait about 2 hours for it to do numerous updates (a lot of which kept failing and re-trying) I now have a problem where the SD card (and any other I try, including the original after being re-formatted...