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Loss of video link after FW update, but telemetry still available


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Apr 29, 2018
Hi everybody.

A few weekends back I was out flying with my drone here in Singapore and I experienced several video link dropouts at multiple locations. The first time it happened I thought that it might have been due to some interference as I was a few hundred meters away.
However when it happened the second time I was in clear line of sight to the drone being at maximum 100 m away.
The video dropout happened 3 times the same day after which I terminated my other flight plans due to the lack of trust in my Mavic Pro.

The loss of video link kicks in after several minutes of flight where I have been flying several hundred meters away. Suddenly the video feed freezes (the screen does not turn black) but I can still see the GPS position, speed, height and distance values being updated on the iPhone screen.
The drone did not start to come home automatically and I was still able to control it with the remote. I therefore activated RTH through the RC button which indeed got the drone home but without showing any popup on the iPhone screen.
Even when the drone came closer to me the video link was not regained.
I had to land the drone and restart the drone for the video link to be reestablished. Restarting just the app did not do the job. However after restarting the drone I did not have to restart the app, the video link came immediately.

OBS: Looking at the recorded videos on the SD card afterwards reveals that the video ends at the same time of where I lost the video link.

I have been a happy owner of my Mavic Pro for almost a year now without any problems before.
I updated all software (both Mavic with ESCs, remote and the battery inside the drone at that time) before I went out flying, so I suspect that these issues might have something to do with the update :(

Current app version and firmware version:
  • App: 4.2.12 (on iPhone 6s with iOS 11.3)
  • Aircraft: 01.04.0300
  • Remote Controller: 01.04.0300
  • Precise Fly Safe Database (for Aircraft):
  • Precise Fly Safe Database (for App):
  • Basic Fly Safe Database:

PS. During one of my flights I also noticed one error being printed on the RC remote: Wheel error
I have never seen this error before and I only saw it this one time.
What does this error mean?

Best regards
Thomas Jespersen
I have attached two of the logs where the video was suddenly lost (frozen video feed in app) to this post.
Checking the logs with AirData or DatCon reveals no errors either. Signal strength is indicated as full strength.
However I can see that the Video Recording seems to be stopped (please note that I did not press the record button) just before I activate Return To Home.

Any clues?

Regards Thomas


  • DJIFlightRecord_2018-04-08_[13-42-08].txt
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  • DJIFlightRecord_2018-04-08_[14-36-58].txt
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