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first time

  1. Stayalive

    New Drone and MA2 Pilot From Orlando, Fl

    Hello, community! It’s awesome to meet you. I recently made a decision after a ton of research and understanding what goals I want to achieve and bought the Mavic Air 2 fly more bundle. I was very excited to get it and start learning everything I need to know to get started. So far so good. I...
  2. Hawkeye

    Should I update from 01.03.0800 to the lastest firmware? - New Mavic, New Pilot

    Hello everyone! I just got my Mavic and haven't flown it yet. I already activated it and was wondering if I should update from 01.03.0800 (out of the box) to the latest firmware or just leave it as it is. What would be the pros and cons of my current firmware vs the latest? I'm on iOS (iPhone...
  3. I

    Piloting in Surabaya, Indonesia

    Hi guys, I am a new pilot just got a Mavic Pro fly more combo this Christmas to help us do some shooting. Main purpose for this drone is helping with media production for the organization I work for and perhaps some on location videos all over Indonesia. I searched this forum online and this...
  4. L

    Mavic Gimbal Calibration- GIMBAL WENT CRAZY??

    Hey guys, new mavic pilot here. in real need of your help. i just bought my Mavic a few days ago, never even flew it once. just fired it up and updated firmware. today, i calibrated it’s IMU and everything was ok. then i moved on to calibrate it’s gimbal. i clucked gimbal auto calibration...
  5. abeazzy2

    1st Video Post...... feed back appreciated

    1) Please let me know what tips you might have in specific to get the picture even more crisp and vivid. 2) Do you recommend Vimeo as a storage site?
  6. P

    -18°C/-4°F Winter footage, first time flight/edit/color. Feedback would be awesome!

    Hey all, it's my first time flying my drone and first try at editing with Premiere Pro (trial version). I shot in D-Log and colored for the very first time. I tinted the video a bit red for some warmth and added some blue to the sky as the original footage had white light, white snow and a lot...