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  1. Dr_Zoidberg

    Mavic 3 video flicker

    Greetings everyone, Today I noticed some heavy flickering in my Mavic 3 footage. The videos below are shot at 4k/60 fps, auto camera settings, normal formatting, anti-flicker set to auto. I did some search and appears that this is more or less known issue, but can't find much info how to...
  2. GeraldV

    Flickering Video

    I dont take a lot of video with the M2P, this is the first time since the firmware upgrade. Took a 10-15 second video ofr a friend in H.265, 4K 25fps and the video is unusable due to a flicker. (Have used the DJI lut for colour grading with Resolve, output to 1080 with a little zoom and...
  3. Z

    Mavic pro anti-drop hook broken & propeller flicker

    Hi all, I’ve recently got a Mavic pro and had a small crash, which broke the anti drop hook on the vibration absorbing board. After some test(even in full speed in sport mode), I don’t found anything wrong but one thing: the propeller flicker. This sounds normal if you fly into the bright light...
  4. S

    Phantom 4 pro intra frame

    Hello all. I have had a Mavic pro in the past and am now looking to purchase a p4pro. My biggest worry is does the p4pro suffer from the intra frame compression that the Mavic pro does? Do I need to shoot in h.265 to eliminate it? Thanks in advance.
  5. N

    Arrogance of DJI support

    I sent an email to all of the posted email addresses on the DJI website asking about a solution or upgrade to the iframe flicker issue with my Mavic Pro. I clearly stated I had upgraded to the latest firmware and IMU calibrate the unit every time I fly. They responded with: Thank you for...
  6. D

    Mavic Pro: why DJI doesn't fix this huge flickering/compression problem?

    Hello everyone I got my Mavic since a few days, and being an experienced photographer and good experience with video as well, I'm really disappointed. I've done three days of intense tests, pictures quality is really good, videos quality (compression algorithm) is appalling. Below raw footage...