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  1. DinoBaldi

    Mavic 1 pro - flickering

    Hi to all video experts! Usually, I work with drones to do 3D models and aero photogrammetry, I'm relatively new with standard photos and even more in videos. I'm trying to reduce the video flickering during a yaw rotation standing in hovering. I watch on my TV 4K directly from youtube. It...
  2. fsociety

    Mavic mini video issue, weird lightning changes, cloudy, flickering

    Hello everybody, my first post here. I've just got my mavic mini and performed my first flight today. I've put several shots together in the DJI app and got this video. However, I noticed some weird things happening with the lightning, it changes a lot and has flickering, specially in green...
  3. Nicolas

    Flickering problems

    Hi gurus! I've just finished editing this video and I can't understand why I have so muck flickering at 00:30. I've tried a few things including the anti-flickering effect on Premiere Pro but I can't really get rid of this. Any ideas/resources to read about this? Thanks you! Nicolas