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flight planning

  1. J

    Injecting a modified version of a precedent flight

    Hi! I'm trying to find a way to use the data provided by the flight record (if needed) of the dji mini 2 to re-fly a flight I already did. But, I would like to modify the flight (add or remove "waypoints", add or remove an action like taking a picture...), then inject it somehow into the drone...
  2. SkyGrid

    Looking for feedback: all-in-one airspace management system

    Hi Pilots, We are looking for direct feedback from drone pilots and commercial operators to test our beta application.We are launching a new app on all iPhone and iPad devices: SkyGrid Flight Control The all-in-one drone app provides a complete solution to manage your entire drone workflow...
  3. S

    Flight path software for Mavic Air 2

    Hi all, I'm so glad I found this forum. I just got a MA2 as my very first drone and I have to say I'm hooked. I've been out pretty much every day since I got it a week ago. So I had a question about apps or PC software that can be used to create a pre-planned flight path. I've looked into...
  4. D

    AutoCAD .dwg

    My partners and I are developing a real estate project. The area covers appr. 2,500-m x 1,000-m. Roads and properties are all on an AutoCAD .dwg file. I can also have other file formats made available. Elevation change is appr. 125-m. I would like to fly the roads and properties to take...
  5. Willie Peloquin

    New sUAV Pilot - Ann Arbor MI

    Hello All, I just received a Red Mavic Air Fly More Package. All the YouTube's concerning the Mavic Air looked great, so I pulled the trigger. I have had it a couple weeks now, but the weather has been miserable, I have been under the weather and the MA has not left the ground :( I did power it...