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flight safety

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    Mavic mini 2 batteries swollen after only 32 charge circles. DJI don't want to recognize that there is a problem with their batteries.

    Hi everyone. I got the mini 2 fly more combo in December 2020. The 3 batteries are swollen now. The have in average, 30 charge cicles. It's weird, to say the less, that s high tec battery has on 30 charges of live before failing. If I would have flown my mini 2 everyday, my batteries would have...
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    Parachute system for Mavic

    Thought someone might be interested for Mavic parachute system. I have not seen any others so I made my own. After a while I got guys contacting me from countries where it is mandatory to have these if you use drone at sports events. Here is picture of my system.