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flight simulator

  1. F

    DJI mini pro 3 + flight simulator?

    I had a Mavic Air 2 and was dissapointed it was not supported in the DJI Flight Simulator. I lost my drone but still own the controller. If i would buy the DJI mini pro 3 with the Smart Controller, would I be able to use the Mini 3 Pro in the DJI Flight Simulator? And would I be able to use...
  2. AerialsRus

    Flight Simulator Issues

    Have encountered several issues when using the flight simulator: 1. Ambient Light Too Weak shows up on screen when Mavic is on my desk. 2. Get Notification on screen that aircraft has entered a warning zone (unpaved airport) Please fly with caution. When Mavic sitting on my desk. 3. A red...