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fly safe update

  1. cgmaxed

    Air2S Geofencing GONE!, after DJI FLY App Update Glitch! DIDN'T LAST LONG.

    A short term geofence Glitch: I updated my DJI Fly App, then it said to update the Fly Safe Data. I did that, then it said, "cannot take off: error xxxxx". So I went into the settings to update the geofencing unlock license list and the App locked up (the circle icon wouldn't stop spining). So...
  2. Cheech Wizard

    Problems updating Safe Fly Database.

    I have had problems activating my Mavic and updating the Fly Safe Data Base. I'm using a Samsung 7 Edge and get my firmware updates fine, but when I first tried to activate the drone and to get Fly Safe updates, I use my Slate 8 tablet which sucks for a monitor on my remote. Anyone else have...