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  1. C

    Newport Bound

    Headed to Newport for a couple of days. Would appreciate any ideas on good places to fly while there. Willing to travel, if needed. Thanks
  2. P

    How to make DJI Fly save photos into my android photo app

    Hi, I have a DJI mini 2. As of a couple of updates a go to DJI Fly, DJI Fly no longer saves photos to my inbuilt Android photos app while flying the drone. Rather now I have to go into DJI Fly after the flight and manually transfer the photos over. Is there any way I can get the photos to...
  3. donatas1

    Iceland Vulcan

    Iceland Vulcan
  4. m80116

    NightFly - a Mavic Mini CinePATHIC Night clip

    OK, here's a CinePATHIC Mavic Mini short movie clip, entirely shot with the little critter and put together using my usual cursing and misery resources. 1080p 29.97fps worked directly on memory card, old fashion disk drive and 2013 editing software. Most footage is shot at 25 fps and sped up to...
  5. jboyd23

    BASE Jumping in Moab, Utah

    Just finished a short film showing some jumps in Moab, Utah. Let me know what you guys think
  6. B

    Drone in NYC and NJ

    Dudeeeees, I am new here! What's up yall? I am from Sweden but will spend a few weeks in NYC starting in the next few days. Sooo I have read tons about drones and whether they are legal or not and there are sites that say NO (there are some legal parks in BK and Queens according to those sites)...
  7. G

    Flying around Acadia National Park

    Has anyone found a location around Acadia that's safe to take off/land at? I have had some luck with asking around for other locations so I figured I would ask here. I'm going on Fri and Sat this week so any suggestions are appreciated. And yes - I know I can use map tools, but sometimes it's...
  8. B

    Flying in Florida

    What is the best place to fly my Mavic pro in Okeechobee Florida?
  9. DimiGoulas21

    Maximum alitude reached

    Hello everyone! I am curious about the longest altitude you can reach. Which drones have the widest range? Thank you!
  10. N


    Hey all, I am now carrying out a math investigation about the design of the Mavic's propellers and I was wondering if any of you would me able to help me out by measuring a couple of things and providing me with the data (either inches or centimeters work). The measurements I need are marked in...
  11. R

    Let's fly in Panama (PTY) !!!!

    Let's share our flight Experience in Panama with Mavic !!!!!
  12. D

    A little video I did in Lake Powell, near the Bullfrog Marina.

    I must say, it was more difficult landing on the boat than I initially thought with obstacle avoidance turned on. It was a bit unnerving at first, but I got used to taking off and manually landing on a platform 2' by 2'. And obviously, return to home doesn't work when the boat is constantly...
  13. A

    My first ever Mavic Pro Flight.

    Well this is not even close to how amazing most of you guys first videos are but it is my first flight with the mavic pro!!
  14. M

    My Mavic had a short circuit and came out smoke and burnt.

    ESTABA volando mi avión no tripulado, Cuando fui un switch to La Batería, lo Deje Despues de dormir ONU par de minutes en el interior del avión no tripulado Como un Corto Circuito y salio humo negro y Un olor a quemado, Que no mucho era, de Pero no Se Conecta con RC, ni la Aplicación. Creo que...
  15. P

    Ready to Fly captain

    My mavic pilot pro It is a very professional machine, great video quality and photo by my my mavic pilot. This is amazing machine.