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follow me mode

  1. CelsoDiniz

    Drone that follows AND go back home alone?

    Hi, Is there a Drone that follows AND go back home alone? In fact I’d like to set the launch place as home, program it to follow me around, without the need for me to control it as I will have my hands busy. I won’t be far from the launch place, and ideally the drone will to go back home by...
  2. Ennie

    Rock Climbing in follow me/active track mode?

    Hey. I was just wondering wether or not the mavic pro could follow me while rock climbing in follow me mode or active track mode? Thank you.
  3. Flyenroute

    [New to Mavic]Question: what's the difference between Active Track and Follow Me mode?

    My guess is that Active Track uses image recognition while Follow Me follows the location of the transmitter. Comments?
  4. D

    First flight at NJ lake with Mavic Pro (Active Track & Boat)

    Any feedback will be appreciated :) This is my first time flying the drone over the lake (I got it last week), as well as using active track with a boat! This is also my first drone video edit, how did you guys like it (especially with being synched to the music?) Thanks :D
  5. Fireblade

    Follow me feature - on elevation changes.. Seems to dive down?? lol (vid inside)

    Hey guys, so I was trying to do some follow me footage, but even after increasing the height high enough, the mavic keeps diving to the ground eventually lol. You can tell from the vid that it was fairly high enough right? What gives? Could it be because the cell signal here is spotty? Or...
  6. Skyler King III

    I had 18 sats, was above 34 feet and it would not "follow me"

    I had 18 sats, was above 34 feet and it would not "follow me" It came up with a message about "poor satellite reception" or something like that and would not let me to follow me. Latest version of Go 4 and latest firmware on Mavic and controller. I was using iPhone 7 Plus. Any ideas? YES...
  7. flynsign

    Follow Me mode debate - controller or device GPS??

    I was under the impression that Follow Me mode works by the quad locking in to the GPS signal on the device used (smartphone, etc). I was using this mode with my ipad mini 2 with wifi only (no cellular network - hense no GPS). Question is, it seemed to work fine in spite of this so maybe the...