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  1. Yaros

    Following many small birds with the drone

    Noticed so many birds flying around the house, took off to get some shots ;)
  2. G

    Follow Me (GPS) in Mavic Air through SDK

    Hi there, I've been following this forum since I purchased my Mavic Air and I've recently seen that the SDK release has allowed to implement waypoints feature for Mavic Air through Litchi app. As it is specified in the SDK documentation (Missions - DJI Mobile SDK Documentation) it seems that...
  3. M

    Exotic Car Show Outside of Chicago

    Nuccio Auto Group had an open house with plenty of high end exotic cars on site.
  4. R

    Spark activetrack follow without phone or remote

    Can somebody who has had hands on the spark confirm if, activetrack follow can be activated without using phone or remote and that it actually has no limitation (eg. mavic in wifi stopping after 80m from home point)? Thanks.
  5. R

    Autopilot Follow - Sports, Action

    Hi everybody i'm new to the forum, I have done 2 videos of me and friends skiing with the Mavic and Autopilot Follow. My setup was rc mode on the mavic and iPhone 6 plus connected through the secondary usb port. Both phone and rc strapped to my chest using the gopro chest mount. I have had...
  6. D

    Autoflight Autopilot issues on older iPhones?

    I had an issue I posted elsewhere with Autoflight Autopilot's Follow Me mode overshooting and oscillating when I stop: I suspected it was a software issue and contacted support (Autoflight, not DJI). They said it may be because my iPhone 5S doesn't have good enough performance for Autopilot...
  7. crayban

    Mavic Pro Cinematic active Track - Ford Mustang

    Using the Mavic Pro active track mode in San Diego, California. Here are a few highlights:
  8. Member

    Chased by a Mavic Pro

  9. Member

    Typical first time crash

  10. Member

    Activetrack vs terrain / altitude demo

    This is something I've been wondering about but haven't seen in action. Start from 05:00 for the point. In this video however, terrain follow does the trick: So... at the risk of asking a stupid question, is terrainfollow an extension to activetrack basically? Does it track? If not, then...