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Autoflight Autopilot issues on older iPhones?


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Feb 9, 2017
I had an issue I posted elsewhere with Autoflight Autopilot's Follow Me mode overshooting and oscillating when I stop:

I suspected it was a software issue and contacted support (Autoflight, not DJI). They said it may be because my iPhone 5S doesn't have good enough performance for Autopilot and that's causing the problem (CPU power I guess). I don't know if that's really plausible or if it's standard tech-support-avoiding-the-issue. Has anyone had this problem/not had this problem on older/newer iPhones?
Just out of curiosity, why use Autoflight's Follow Me instead of the DJI follow mode? Autopilot is pretty robust, I use it - although not with an iPhone 5S. I doubt tech support would be telling you anything other than the truth. I've had many convo's about the software on the Inspire Pilot's forum because I was having issues with a vertical waypoint mission. I never once got the impression they they were telling me anything just to get me to go away.
DJI follow mode is pretty weak... it seems to max out at 12 mph, doesn't follow as accurately, and doesn't move the camera. On iPhone it only works at a very close distance. I'm also not a fan of Active Track (have to be close, can't control its position, might lose me). After trying DJI Go, Litchi, and Autopilot, Autopilot was the strong winner in speed and accuracy despite this issue.

All right, I'll have to get a hold of a newer iPhone... I've had bad luck with tech support in general wasting my time (DJI to name one), though this is my first time talking to Autoflight. Maybe they're on to something.
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