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  1. D

    Help! Lost Mavic Air signal during Litchi Waypoint Mission, not seen again since! :(

    Hello brilliant people. Today I tried to use the Litchi App for the second time on my life. Guess what? after about a minute signal was lost and drone never returned home. I live on a small mountain and the waypoints are marked where terrain is ascending - see images 1+3 below. Also, I defined...
  2. J

    Zip line in Autopilot causes drone to spin in circles

    I have an Air and have an issue with Autopilot when flying a zip line. If I tell it to go to point A or B it will go to the point, but then stop and spin around in circles. I had this issue with the Spark too. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. S

    my drone autopiloted into tree, fell 50 ft onto grass then tarmac!?!?!?

    I was piloting my mav air from one side of my street to another at twilight. I know it wasn't the best time I was at 8 ft about to land when the battery fell critically low. the drone autopiloted to around 50 ft, which is half of what rth height should be, and flew straight into a tree which was...
  4. S

    Messing with drone blocks

    As the title suggests i have started messing with the DroneBlocks app a little. I have a Mavic Pro and a Tello. I will try to keep things Mavic Pro centered for this thread. Long story short I use my Mavic for filming mountain biking, backcountry snowboarding rock climbing and hiking. I use it...
  5. K

    A question about controller differences - gps

    All: I'm just ramping up - have a mavic air coming and I see that it does not support the follow-me mode - so I'm going to use autopilot for that. I'm trying to understand why and think I've got it figured out. Can anyone confirm or deny that the mavic pro and spark have a gps in the remote...
  6. ProfPaul

    Go 4 vs. Litchi vs. Autopilot

    I've seen a few posts that mention Litchi and Autopilot. Could someone who uses either or both of the alternative applications please explain them, as well as the pros and cons of Litchi and Autopilot versus DJI's Go 4 software?
  7. H

    Start Condition "Start Point Proximity"...

    I am unable to find any information on the AutoPilot waypoint setting "Start Condition" which can be set to either "None" or "Start Point Proximity", in which case a distance slider comes up. Does anyone know what this setting does, and when you would want to use it? Thanks! Will
  8. Oyibo VFX

    Erection (not that one) over 7 months in 90 seconds

    Here is a small time line I filmed with the Mavic over 7 months (from February 2017 to September 2017) All done with with Autopilot Waypoint mission Please note that it has changed over the months. Main reason is the arrival of big cranes, works and.... wind
  9. 00Nic

    Autopilot follow me issue

    Hi all, today I tested for the first time Autopilot app with follow me mode for chasing my car. I set the bearing reference to "Course" to let the drone follow me along the path. I expected that the position of the drone with respect to the car were more "stable" but instead, the drone kept...
  10. V

    Litchi vs Autopilot

    Bought the Autopilot app yesterday since I wanted to try the waypoint missions but found it really hard to use actually. I managed to put the waypoints more or less where I wanted them but then I managed to add a trigger point and didnt know how to delete so had to start all over again. All in...
  11. Keule

    Autopilot and firmware .800

    It seems that firmware .800 causes problems with 3rd party software. DJI released at the end of May SDK 4.1. If the 3rd party software is not aware of this, there might be some issues.
  12. B

    Hangar AutoPilot Focus Issue with Mavic

    I'm experiencing a focus issue with DJI Mavic Pro while executing a waypoint mission using Hangar's AutoPilot software. Focus works fine in the DJI GO 4 app. I tried switching the modes between Manual, Auto, and Continuous auto, with no success. Pressing the screen where I want to focus will...
  13. G

    AutoPilot crashes over and over

    Hi, I'm taking one step back from my previous post (Autopilot issues.. please contribute) in order to solve this issue. When I'm using Hangar's Autopilot (Auto flight logic) it is mostly for waypoint missions flown in joystick mode. the camera is also in Joystick mode. -So I have a predefined...
  14. G

    Autopilot issues.. please contribute

    Hi Guys, While using the Mavic pro with autopilot I ran into a couple of issues and I would be happy for some help: 1. The most important issue: After the application crashes (and it does happen..), relaunching it or the DJI Go 4 does not gain control over the quad. I can see the image from the...
  15. R

    Autopilot Follow - Sports, Action

    Hi everybody i'm new to the forum, I have done 2 videos of me and friends skiing with the Mavic and Autopilot Follow. My setup was rc mode on the mavic and iPhone 6 plus connected through the secondary usb port. Both phone and rc strapped to my chest using the gopro chest mount. I have had...
  16. L

    Using Airspace in Autopilot - question on Network

    Hi - I'm a newbie to the Mavic. I had the Phantom 2 but, honestly, didn't use it much mainly because of the size and portability so now I hope to get into this a lot more. I understand Airspace (in the Autopilot app) but I am unclear on the Network connection option. I understand the...
  17. S

    Having problems with RTH while using the Autopilot app

    Hello, I am sharing my experience here to see if anybody else is able to reproduce this behavior. I am using the Autopilot app for my video hobby work. At the end of the session I am pressing the RTH button. But unlike DJI4 or Litchi apps where this works perfectly every time, this is not...
  18. Oyibo VFX

    Approaching my site

    Enjoy (this is the Autopilot version)
  19. Oyibo VFX

    DJI GS Pro vs. Litchi vs. Autopilot

    Hello all Did a great time of flying today and have mixed feelings. Yesterday I tried to have a go with Autopilot and that didn't go well. After about 100 meters, it lost connection to the bird and it disengaged. Did some re-runs but the same thing happened over and over again. Also the screen...
  20. D

    Autoflight Autopilot issues on older iPhones?

    I had an issue I posted elsewhere with Autoflight Autopilot's Follow Me mode overshooting and oscillating when I stop: I suspected it was a software issue and contacted support (Autoflight, not DJI). They said it may be because my iPhone 5S doesn't have good enough performance for Autopilot...