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for sale

  1. D

    Mavic Pro Platinum with Accessories

  2. nil

    SOLD - Mavic Pro Fly More Combo

  3. A

    **SOLD** - Mavic Pro Fly More Plus Extras - Like New

    FOR SALE - DJI Mavic Pro/Fly more drone with original packaging I am also including extra items. This drone is in like new condition. I've flown it five times and never crashed. I am asking $700 paypal. I will cover shipping in the US. Standard Items 2 Extra batteries 2 Extra propellers 2...
  4. OverArizona

    [Sold] Complete Mavic Turn-Key Kit

    Iv'e been busy with tower and other large structure inspections and this kit has been sitting for the past couple of months so I thought someone here might get more use out of her (taking offers). Everything needed for residential inspections in this kit: Mavic Pro Airframe [ Total Air Time...
  5. jfew

    SOLD: DJI Mavic Pro & Tons of Extras - Like New in Box

    Craft/controller with DJI Care Refresh are sold, but will entertain offers for the remaining accessories: • 3 additional Mavic Pro batteries • MavMount tablet/smartphone mounting bracket (capable of holding up to a 12.9-inch iPad Pro or other large tablet). • Additional AC charger for batteries...
  6. S

    SOLD - Black Mavic Air Fly More Pkg w/ PolarPro Vivid Series & Mount - Plus Refresh - $675

    I am selling my Black Mavic Air fly more combination. Comes with everything pictured including Polar Pro Vivid Series filters, a polar pro mount, an extra case, extra gimble cover, etc. Have all original packaging too. DJI Care Refresh until January 2019. Everything in excellent condition...
  7. OC Fly Boy

    DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Bundle + $300 of Must Have Accessories

    SOLD Mavic Pro is in near perfect condition with DJI Refresh (good till 6/2/2019) with 2 full replacements if accidental damage occurs to the drone, offering you peace of mind every time you fly DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Bundle with Shoulder Bag, Props, Car Charger and 2 Extra Batteries ($1299)...
  8. dpwarren

    WTS: Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More + GPC Case & Extras - $1,000

    Mavic Pro Platinum with Fly More Combo Kit plus 4th battery and GPC hard case. It has been immaculately kept and has never had a hard landing and hasn't touched anything while in the air. Was used for lightweight professional real estate work. Aircraft is located in the Dallas/FW area. Price...
  9. J

    SOLD! Mavic Air Fly More Combo

    SOLD! Selling my white MA with fly more combo. 19 hours flight time, includes all accessories in the official DJI fly more combo + a 32gb SanDisk Extreme micro SD card. All in excellent condition. Free shipping to U.S. addresses in contiguous states only. No international shipping. Also...
  10. R

    Mavic Pro Fly More Combo with Extras (VERY lightly used)

    Attached is the PDF of what I am selling for $825 not including shipping. Note. Based on all current “used” eBay and Amazon listings this appears to be one of the best deals out there concidering the condition, original packaging and VERY useful extras.
  11. E

    Mavic Pro RC For Sale

    I have a barley used magic pro remote for sale. Also have charger and hard case as well. Got a new mavic air to replace pro and no longer need rc remote. $200
  12. E

    Mavic air controller for sale

    Hi, Following loss of my mavic air into the sea I have a controller for sale - has only been used for 2 hours of flight time since I bought it 10 days ago! Full working order complete with spare joysticks. Please let me know if you are interested and what you would offer me for it. Thanks e
  13. P

    [SOLD]FOR SALE Mavic Pro Fly More Combo With extras $550[SOLD]

    I'm contemplating selling my Mavic Pro. I currently have 4 batteries, the charging hub, car charger, leather DJI carrying bag and a hardcase that everything fits in making it ultra portable. I'm asking $550 OBO for everything as its in MINT condition and has never had any issues.
  14. D

    i found a mavic on a hike in los angeles

    it seems to be in fine condition but it doesn't have the plastic cover over the camera. I have no use for it and want to sell it . if anyone is interested please let me know.
  15. A

    Trace phantom 4 for Mavic pro

    looking to trade my phantom 4 for a Mavic pro or sell my phantom 4 with all original accessories for $900 including shipping anywhere.
  16. W

    NEW Mavic pro $600 never used

    I received a brand new mavic pro. I am not a drone enthusiast and have no need for the unit. I thought I would post it for sale to you all. I am willing to let the unit go for $600. Still in box and never flown. Let me know if you have questions. Hope someone here would like it. T
  17. R


    I just don't have time for it. I have a Mavic Pro with 2 batteries and all of the accessories seen in the pictures for sale. $750 firm. I have the original boxes and everything. I left one of the batteries and the carry bag at the park one time :) so basically it if the Fly More minus the...
  18. dpchase

    SOLD: DJI Mavic Pro with Accessories

    For Sale Price $700.00 - Price Updated The Mavic Pro comes with original factory items and package box. Also included are: Landing Pad - Brand New never used Carrying Case for Drone and Controller Polar Pro ND 8, 16 and CP Extra Battery I have flown this drone about 4 or more flights no...
  19. brad_rector

    Possibly sell my MPP FMC.

    So I received my MPP FMC. I flew it about 40 minutes or so. I'm not sure if I'm going to fly this thing like I thought I would. I live beside an Airport and have to call them every single time I want to fly. If I don't end up getting any interest, I'll return it since I'm within 14 days. So my...
  20. R

    Sold - Mavic Pro Platinum

    I ordered two Pro Platinum's, one from DJI on 10-24 and one from Amazon last September. Figured I would cancel the order of one after the other showed up. Well, both are coming on Monday 11-13 to Cedar Park / Austin TX. If you want to buy one, unopened, for retail on the 14th contact me. It will...