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force landing

  1. Yaros

    Failsafe Behavior in Enhanced Warning Zone with Mavic Air 2 - will it force land?

    Hello, I'm in an enhanced warning zone now, I want to fly, according to airmap I'm allowed to fly, I'm on the edge of the zone anyway. I found some people saying that if you're in an enhanced warning zone and the drone failsafe's (loses signal) it will force land, like when it runs out of...
  2. arciere

    Force landing in 7.7m/s wind?

    Started a mission to take some landscape picts and video with reasonable 3-4 m/s wind, that increased (5-6 m/s) after a short while. Nothing to worry about anyway. Roughly 11:30 minutes from takeoff got the message "Large Wind Velocity. Fly with caution". Some seconds later, while the MP was...