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found mavic

  1. S

    Found Drone DJI Mavic Pro 2 Zoom Redmond, WA

    Found a drone, pretty sure it was stuck in some trees and it came down in a recent windstorm. Near 60 Acres park in Redmond Washington. Looks like it was lost around the middle of January, 2021.
  2. C

    Found Mavic Pro at Crater Lake, Oregon

    My dad and I were hiking off the beaten path at Crater Lake in Oregon and I found a Mavic Pro on a rock slide inside the rim. It appears to be in totally fine shape (just a little dirty) and is just out of battery. When I click the power button it blinks 1 light a couple times. I removed the...
  3. Ghost_ATX

    What is your funniest/craziest/scariest drone rescue story (tree, water, mountain, etc.)

    I doubt anyone will be able to top zaceshighz's cargo ship rescue (epic!), but I'm curious to know what lengths folks have gone to in order to rescue their Mavics when they've lost them or gotten them stuck somewhere. I was once stopped and questioned by police for standing on the hood of my...
  4. Lil' DronePilot

    The prodigal drone has returned!!!

    So FOUR months ago, I lost my Mavic to a fly-away (originally posted in "Lost In Bel Air") Thursday I get a call from a gentleman stating while doing a roof inspection of a local business, he found my Mavic, saw my telephone number and called. I arranged pick up and offered compensation for...