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fpv flying

  1. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    2 Pro DJI FPV Drone - Forest & Mountain surfing + first impressions

    I recently picked up the DJI FPV Drone, and as someone who's almost exclusively flown the DJI Mavic 2, I've been shocked by how easy it has been to transition to the FPV using this system. Yes, I know it's not "real FPV", but that's exactly what I wanted - a drone that could easily capture...
  2. eroomomni

    Monitoring radio & video signal strength DJI goggles screen?

    Does anyone know of a way to monitor the radio and video signal strength while using the DJI Goggles? I've flown FPV for years, using the iPhone, iPad and the Carl Zeiss Cinemizer glasses. I have a couple weeks of DJI Goggles use with my Mavic under my belt but find myself referring to the...
  3. CaveDrone

    Freaky experience flying FPV first time

    I finally flew FPV using my newly purchased HOMiDO V2 Googles and Litchi on my Mavic with a 6 foot USB cable to the Galaxy S5. First I had my wife sit on a Lawn chair wearing them with a 6 foot USB cable connect to the Remote while I flew using the remote only, She started laughing when...