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  1. T

    Litchi Waypoints: Preplanned Mission freezes at the first waypoint

    Hi All, Using a desktop planned mission at a ski resort, the loaded mission will fly (mavic2 pro) to waypoint 1, but does not execute the mission. Ran out of battery trying to resolve.. any ideas? Thank you! Plz forgive my panicked tone and poor formatting
  2. Yaros

    Best practices for flying in cold/freezing temperatures with the mavic air 2?

    I will be flying my mavic air 2 in freezing temperatures for the first time in a few days, I'm coming to Ukraine now in January and the temperatures are below 0°C (32°F). What are your suggestions for doing so safely? What I already know: Only fly in good weather, no rain or wet snow The...
  3. 51 Drones

    This little drone is a beast! Handles the frigid temps like a champ!

    This is the coldest temps I have ever flown a drone. The Mini 2 continues to impress me!
  4. D

    Got the dreaded jello effect in cold weather. Hit some branches and then it was stable again.

    So I've been reading the forums and I know a lot of people get this jello effect when flying in sub-zero cold weather. Some say the drone needs to acclimatize before flying it. I didn't do that, I just took it out of my warm car and flew it straight away while sitting in the car. So it was out...
  5. M

    Would you fly and film below -10 Degree celcius?

    The beast from the east have caused chaos recently, and it's back again to consumed Britain. And it came with purposes. Here, a short full film shot from a day trip out shooting. So as usual, comment and let me know your thoughts, CC welcomed and if you like the video, please do press the like...