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  1. P

    How to tell if my Mavic Air 1 is FCC or CE?

    Hi, How can I tell what standard is my Mavic Air 1? Please find WiFi settings snapshot and FC label attached
  2. Yaros

    How I fixed video feed lag at one specific place

    This is an interesting situation I got into some days ago when I was flying. Here is how it went, the problem and the solution I found! I went to a beach to fly my mavic air 2, get some footage of the sea and the area in general. It was my first time flying in that area. Launched the drone from...
  3. Nawfaal

    Mavic Mini (CE) cannot switch to 5.8GHz.

    Hi All, it’s been two days since I received my MM. It’s doing great in place where there is no interference in 2.4GHz. In the city, I want to change it to 5.8Ghz but the channels are limited to 1-11 only. You can barely fly 40m in distance in dense city. I cannot find a solution for this. Please...
  4. T

    Cant get 5.8GHZ, only 2.8GHZ

    Im pretty new and just bought my drone a few days ago, I live in Toronto and noticed that I only had 8 channels(2-10) and couldn't access 5.8. I am really new and not sure what to do
  5. Cookedinlh

    Mavic Pro Signal Interference

    It was posted on-line recently that the US Army has grounded all DJI products for potential security vulnerabilities although they did not say exactly what. I've had my P4P and Mavic fail to UNLOCK and exhibit strange behaviour after being unlocked including AUTOLAND that prohibited...