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general discussions

  1. D

    Pilot Check In and General Discussions, Answered questions remain open

    Hello. Two questions please: - In this forum, can someone please explain to me what's the difference between Pilot Check In and General Discussions? - If I post a question which is then answered do I check a box somewhere to notify all readers that the question has been answered or does the...
  2. Str8up180

    Mavic 2 Pro firmware wont download

    Anyone else having this problem with their new Mavic Pro 2? Its requiring a firmware update but keeps saying I'm disconnected from the network. My wifi and internet speeds are excellent and I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the GO4 app.
  3. SGM

    Video footage is choppy or glitchy

    Some help please, I just finished filming an old watch tower and after downloading, noticed it was choppy or glitchy like it is "jumpy" and have not had this issue before. All settings are the same as before, no changes- +1-0-0, D-Cinelike, 100 ISO @ 30fps/shutter 1/60. Shot in MP4 2.7K @30fps...
  4. SGM

    Shoutout to THUNDER DRONES

    I want to give a big shout out and thanks to Thunder Drones for the great work on my MP. I am now back up and flying. Original repair was to a broken rear arm, left front foot and gimbal sheared off. Rob did a great job and the cost was very acceptable compared to the cost of a new drone. I...