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  1. ppgandyg

    MM 2.7K Video Issue - Anyone seen this before?

    I was launching my Mini for fun on roof of my building. I connected and camera was working, so I started flying. I realized then I wanted to switch to 2.7K so I selected it and started the video while flying. I then received a notice on my screen about the airspace and to enter an unlock code...
  2. mrhinman

    DJI GEO maps and FAA maps conflict? Help!

    I'm new to DJI drones. I've flown other non-internet aircraft in the past (still do) and I'm a bit confused by the geo-fencing that DJI has. I fly frequently in a local park ("Beal Park" on the maps below) as it is on the edge of the Class C boundary, and according to the FAA UAS map, I'm in the...
  3. Lou

    What really happens when an airborne MP flies into a NFZ or other 'hard' geo-fence boundary?

    I have read the threads, watched the youtube vids but still can't get a clear read on what my Mavic would do if I accidentally (or on purpose) flew into a geo-fence. Some say you can fly it back but cannot gain altitude, others say it auto-lands but you can still control direction while...